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Mixed emotions

Posted by cazza , 25 September 2013 · 797 views

So i've part-exd my mobility scooter, for a neater,lighter and nippier version, one that i can more easily lift in and out of a car and i love it.

Been trying it out at our local beauty spot and round and about the estate, so i felt ready to tackle the supermarket. Off i went, parked up in the disabled park and began to gey out my scooter from the car, It's so much lighter and easier to assemble, but still a couple of passers by asked if i wanted any help,thanking them i carried on.

Ready, off i trundled into the super,arket, which was busier than i thought it would be.
As i  travelled up and down the isles (seeing things i didn't realise were there) passers by spoke to me,asking if i wanted them to reach things off the shelves for me. At one point i had to stop as a group of people were gathered talking and one man was saying goodbye and walking backwards away from them,yes you guessed it he walked backwards straight into "stationary" me, looked down, tutted and walker off.
Ah well onwards and upwards, getting to the checkout again passers by asked if they could put my shopping on the conveyor belt for me, then could they help pack my bags.

Shopping done, off i went to the car,with the boot up i began to put things away,again passers by stopped to ask if i could manage,did i want a hand lifting things into the back etc etc.
Thanking each one of them for offering the help, finally back in the car and off home.

Why mixed emotions?

I felt really touched by all the offers of help.
I felt embarassed as in full view assembling and disassembling the scooter.
I felt anger, as EVERY ONE of those "passer by" were FEMALE.

Sorry chaps but the male of the species has gone down big time in my estimation,
What is it that you can't do, show a caring side,dilute the "macho" image,just can't be bothered,embarassed,frightened of the wife/partmer  or just a plain ****.

There i feel better now i've got that lot out, i know/hope this does not apply to EVERY male
but it does seem there are some out there needing a kick up the ***

Hi Cazza,

I can totally empathise with all your emotions. I recently went on a rather long train journey which involved a few train changes. I struggled a little as I needed a stick to walk plus I was pulling my case along behind me.
Luckily I was almost always offered assistance when getting on or off trains - people offering to carry my case, put it up in the luggage rack, or get it down. I was so grateful although also felt sad that I required the assistance.
Looking back now I realise that the majority of people that offered to help we're woman. However there were a couple of men that offered their help too - so there is hope.

Gill xx
To me its an interesting observation and firstly I know what you mean when you talk of embarrassment about dismantling and assembling scooters! I know that feeling!  Being a bloke I can't say that I have noticed the difference between sexes when it comes to thoughtfulness, however this is still a very good point. What does surprise me is the stark contrast between those that are thoughtful and those who are just plain selfish. (Plenty of those!) My biggest surprise is to see the 'type' of people who come forward with offers of assistance, forget the famous english middle classes!  they certainly aren't well represented in my book. Neither age group, nor ethnic origin seems to be a guide, it just comes down to people being people and I have been helped by the most unlikely and surprising folk.  I would agree that men are not good at showing emotions and maybe this is the reason for their lack of coming forward .  Glad that the new machine is doing a good job Cazza! I love my scooter
Cazza I would've helped you.......obviously to see if you had any chocolate I could grab!!! ;-)

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