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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.

Heste's Blog


Stick to the point

Posted by Heste , 29 August 2011 · 2,273 views

You would think there was not much you could say about a walking stick. It's just a stick that helps you walk. But I have found my stick to be so much more than that.

Let me start at the beginning. I had two problems with walking. First there is the 'foot drop' thing that makes me trip up a lot. Then there is my balance...


Foot loose and fancy free

Posted by Heste , 27 August 2011 · 1,045 views

Don't you just hate the term "foot drop"? It's like they just couldn't be bothered to think of a good name for it. I am sure there must be a technical term but that's what everyone calls it.

Well I have 'foot drop'. My ankle just can't lift my foot so when I walk, as my...



Posted by Heste , 25 August 2011 · 419 views

There is something 'elderly' about mobility scooters that make me feel too young to be using one. There is also a 'Madge off Benidorm' feel about it too.

But that's the price of freedom.

So far I have used it to go to visit RHS gardens, supermarkets and large...


Letting Go

Posted by Heste , 23 August 2011 · 433 views

I have always been someone who does stuff. If I wanted something done I just did it myself. If I could not find someone to help Iwould just get on with it myself.  Itsoften hard to recruit people when there is hard work needed but I have found that if you just start doing it then people might help out a bit and after awhile they get into...


The Bladder Blog

Posted by Heste , 21 August 2011 · 466 views

It's sometimes difficult to think of a subject for a first blog so I thought the best bet is to start with something meaningful and important to everyday life. The thing that holds a prominent place in my life, the first thing I think of in the morning and last thing I think of at night. The thing that controls my actions throughout...

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