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Hello, new here !

Posted by rosepetals , 06 February 2013 · 751 views

Hi everyone !!!

I am new here.  In 2009 I was dx. with MS officially.  My symptoms started about 15 years ago when I received the hepatitis A and B vaccines along with the flu shots.  All of a sudden I was thrown into turmoil with neurological issues, balance problems, dizziness, weakness, fatigue, memory issues, etc.  I managed to finish my schooling to become a nurse working for many years until the symptoms became too intense to work.  The neurologist missed the lesions that were present 15 years ago.  It wasn't until I saw an MS specialist that I was dx.  I took copaxone with terrible results.

Over the years I went from flairs to a out of control progression of symptoms.  Last year I ended up in a wheelchair due to severe weakness and balance issues.

In November I found a new MD, PhD who thinks outside of the neurology box.  She did many unusual labs, finding unusual results giving her clues as to how she could help me.  She put me on a supplement program with a detox, cleanse, and stuff to balance the hormones.  Her unusual protocol has me feeling much better, but I do have years of atrophy to reverse and nerves to heal.  I can walk much farther now and I don't have to use canes anymore.  I used 2 of them since 2009.  My balance is much improved.  My cog fog is greatly decreased.  It was so severe I could hardly talk as my thoughts were so scrambled.  My breathing used to be labored at rest.  It feels like she is helping me greatly.  I can do longer periods of exercise now and my mood is improved.


Welcome to the forum,

Wow sounds like you are on a roll!   This is a great place and I'm sure you will find it interesting

Hi there,
It sounds like you got some good treatment, finally. It is always good to hear some success, I hope it continues to be like that for you.

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