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Onwards and upwards

Posted by bertdent13 , 31 May 2013 · 784 views

Hi everyone
Well it is reallity, met with neurologist today and she has confirmed me with MS. I suppose it is nothing that I had'nt realised for myself over the last few weeks and to be honest it did'nt come as a shock. From having my 1st symptomatic attack on Good Friday things have got a lot better and nueroligist is very pleased with my recovery. The burning legs sensation she says is a left over from attack and she is quite confident it will pass as I am only 2 months in so to speak and that post attack sensations can last 6/8 months. Wife Julie was a bit flattened and had been wishing for a better outcome but at least there is a line in the ground from where we can start from.
Anyway thats all for now gunna open a nice bottle of Red and chillout
Thanks to everyone on the site for all your support and being able to put my mind at rest( keep up the good work) xxx

Hi Glenn, I am new to this blogging but I wanted to reply to your post. I am sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with MS - it's quite a shock to the system. Try and be positive though - it sounds like you've only had sensory symptoms so far. That's how my MS started and that's all I suffered from for the first 9 years.
Hope you're enjoying your bottle of red and good luck.
Hi Glenn,

As Rama said, sorry for the diagnosis, but on the positive note, you can stat making plans once again and at least get some kind of treatment as a result of your diagnosis.
I think in some respects it can as hard for those we love watching us and accepting the diagnosis, as it is for the sufferer, obviously in a different way. But it will affect them too every relapse that stops us doing our bit, doubles what they have to do to accommodate.
The last couple of nights my husband and I having been having the conversations about MS. I don't yet have a diagnosis, and he keeps telling himself it's a virus that I have.
I know it's going to devastate him if I do get the diagnosis. He asked me how I would feel about it not being MS, and my reply was, that I would be knocked back because, as much as I am not wishing this on myself, I need answers and to know that I am not going mad or got some mystery illness that isn't treatable and that can put me in bed for days if not weeks.
Once I know, it means I am back in control and my symptoms aren't controlling me.
Good luck on your new journey. I really hope you get all the help you need!

Hi Sam
Good to hear from you again, I think I had come to terms with what the diagnosis was going to be but I do agree people around us look at it with a great deal of trepidation. Obviously ms is not something we all want to have with us but hey at least I have something that is treatable and I can as you say start my journey. I do hope you start to improve , and try to keep your spirits up. I can tell from your blogs that once you do get a decision that you tackle whatever it is head on.
Keep in touch and good luck.
Kind regards Glenn
Hi Glenn,

Working through all these things comes differently to different people.  It all takes a bit of time and simply by posting here about it, is not only useful to you but also to all of us!  Being positive is important and by gaining as much knowledge about how MS is actually affecting you is vey beneficial.  Its good to understand that symptoms can come and go and the art of learning to look after yourself and recognise the danger signs is something you may now be able to build on.
Best from Nick
Hi Nick
Thanks for the advise, I know I am at the start of what is going to be a bumpy ride but I am in it for the long term and will try and stay up beat. I also know I need to tune into what my body is telling me both with work and scotialy hopefully this will not take to long. The forum has been and will continue to be a great help .
Many thanks Glenn
I have to say, I think if it wasn't for this site and the positivity of everyone and the support and advice they offer, I think I would be less positive. I am a  control freak at heart, so if I have control over this I feel I can tackle anything. Sure there will be bad days and less optimism, but on those days I just come and pester you lot hahahahahaha x

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