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Mum trying to cope with diagnosis

Posted by Mum , 22 June 2013 · 643 views

Are there any mums out there who are coping with their child being diagnosed with MS?  My daughter has recently been diagnosed but I'm not sure if she has accepted it yet and I don't want to make every conversation with her to be about her health, so I don't want to ask.  She is very independent but I think she may be too independent in dealing with this so she doesn't worry me - too late for that I think.  I wake up every day hoping it was a bad dream and that all will be well.  I just want to wrap her up in cottonwool and make her better.

Hi! I'm sorry I am not a Mum. But one of the hardest things I did was tell my Mum that I had been diagnosed with MS. Like you I knew she would worry constantly and want to make everything better. Obviously you can't make it better. Just let your daughter know you are there for her and will give her all the support she needs, or wants. I think you are doing the right thing giving her some space. I am sure she knows you will give her help, indeed will want to help, if she needs it.
I wish your daughter luck with all the future holds for her. I hope this MS isn't too hard on her.
Gill x

I am a Mum, but I am the one with MS.

It's hard for a Mother when a child has any sort of problem,  especially health related.  The greatest urge is to 'fix it'  and the frustrations at not being able to.

A lot of people that have been diagnosed with a lifelong condition will want to maintain their independence with a passion,  it's difficult to explain, we know we have this condition to cope with,yet we want to day on with our normal everyday lives, and, in the main, most people with MS can and do managed to do this.

It's a fine line I guess between 'accepting' our condition and ignoring it.  We can't ignore it of course, it reminds us every day.  But, on the other hand we mustn't let it rule our lives either.

It's often harder for family members to be able to stand by and watch our loved ones with MS.  But the best thing we can have, is knowing that there is a someone there who we can turn to whenever we need them, but who also will help us to carry on as normal a life as we can.


PS. You might be better posting this into the 'General Discussion' forum.  The forum is visited more than the blogs .

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