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A pint of positivity!

Posted by Muirie , 04 October 2013 · 935 views

"Happiness is like an orgasm, if you think about it too much it disappears" (courtesy of Tim Minchin)

We MSers have a cracking life all in all!

We have a condition that affects approximately 2.5 million people around the world (about 0.035% of the population if there are 7 billion of us....rough figures....forgive me for god sakes I've got MS and am tired!!!).

Our symptoms are vague, varied and often vapid (loose use of that word but look it up and smile at how it sort of hits our fatigue right on the head...ish)

It is likely that we will live with the condition from diagnosis to death......meaning MS probably won't kill us.

We get offered a shitload of drugs.......which often have little or no effect....but can have crappy side effects...brilliant!

There is no cure.

Once you've got it, you're keeping it.

Now, all of the above info is, to be frank, rather bleak....sort of depressing.......shit.

So let's all be down and depressed as that is the road we have to go down.

Or let's be positive.....

1. MS probably won't kill us (statistically it'll be something else)

2. New drugs appear often and the existing ones do help quite a few of us to carry on a normal life

3. We get better camping sites at Music Festivals (well, I don't currently but am working on it)

4. We are allowed to rest.....how many other people in this ludicrously busy world of ours are permitted a rest for health reasons?

There are many, many things to be positive about and I must apologise that most of my previous posts focus on the bad side (with a bit of humour wedged in).

The simple fact is we have it and it isn't (currently) going away.

This morning I woke up feeling rough as a badgers arse and decided I'd do a wee bit of work and rest lots prior to collecting my kiddies later.

I've since decided to get on with more work with some great tunes blaring in the background as sitting around resting is a depressing state to be in so I'm going to fight back.

I may regret my fightback later on when I'm utterly bushed but I think we need to fight (not literally as we'd be too tired to do so).

Let's keep on trying to do things even if we don't like them as moping about exacerbates our symptoms (well, it certainly affects mine).

So folks both MSers and others,

stay strong, stay positive and smile,


PS (I hope this doesn't offend anyone with MS)

I needed to hear something positive today, so thank you.
It would take a lot more than that to offend me!!

Be Happy
Laura :-)
PHEW!!! I always maintain that I don't cause offence.....people choose to take offence.

I'm still positive today so it's a grand day!!!

None of us could surely be offended by this, hell we live with this monster 24/7, so why shouldn't we laugh,poke fun at the dammed thing, moan and groan.

Anything that keeps you going, DO IT.

Stay positive.
Cazza  x

Oct 08 2013 08:57 AM
Most people trot around, taking life and good health for granted.  An MS diagnosis has opened my eyes to the fantastic stuff in my life :-)
Hi Muirie, great blog, I'm a Health and Physical Activity Student from DKIT Ireland doing an assignment on MS. I just wondered if it would be possible to ask you a few questions about living with the condition and how it affects your life and daily activities.

Hello David

Rather than adding comments to blog entries which go off-topic, you'd be better to create a survey on a site such as SurveyMonkey with your questions, and then post a link to your survey in our section dedicated to surveys, assuming you fit the criteria for posting in that section.

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