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Photography project about MS

Posted by kris_calvo , 11 September 2013 · 758 views

My name is Cristina and I was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago. I am 31 years old, originally from Spain, I moved to London 7 years ago. After months of thinking I will finally start my treatment in October. I decided to take Avonex, as it seem the one I could fit better in my live style, although I have many doubts about this treatment in particular and all the MS treatments in general. But hey! That is me and I understand the benefits, I guess it is just the fear of the unknown...

I have very good friends around with me who are very supportive, however it is difficult to have my close family back in Spain and I am sure is difficult for them too. I sometimes try to talk about my symptoms and feelings about having this disease with them, but I know they would never understand 100% what I mean, obviously!
I am about to finish a degree in Photographic Arts. My work it is usually about the city and the people within the city, but for my final project I would like to talk about MS, somehow. This is my website if you want to have a look at my work: www.cristinacalvophotography.com

I would like to meet up people with this condition for a tea and a chat to help me understand how others could feel, deal with relapses, everyday life, to understand myself and share experiences. Since I was diagnosed I haven't talk much about it, and I think it is about time!

As I mentioned, I life in London but I could move to other places (within a reasonable distance!)
So if you like to share your experience and get involved somehow in this project, drop me some lines!

I would also appreciate if you could advice me on similar webs/forums/association

Thank you for your time

Hi Christina

Just checked your site out ...nice :)

I would recommend you try going to your LOCAL
multiple sclerosis society , they will have regular meetings -
activities going on http://www.mssociety.org.uk/
on the site , if  you click on  NEAR ME on the nav bar
just type in your post code and it will  give you all the
details about your nearest one , where and when  the meetings are held .

I still do a fair amount of photography , mainly portraiture these
days  because of mobility problems  ,  i  also struggle a bit  with
numbness in my fingers too  so locking focus sometimes becomes a problem

Hope this helps
Mal x
Hi Mal,

Thank you for such a quick answer, your interest and kind words! I am glad to hear you do photography in spite of the difficulties. With or without MS photography is something I will carry on doing, perhaps one day could be a bit more challenging

And thank you for your suggestion, it really helps. I will have a look at the site and hopefully I could meet some people.

I would like to point out, that if anybody is interested on participating with a piece of writing text/letter about MS and themselves, whatever they would like to share, I will be happy to share my experience too.

Best wishes

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