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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.

Tim Molloy's Blog


Is this the end?

Posted by Tim Molloy , 19 March 2014 · 744 views

I'm not sure if this is the beginning of the end or just a transition in the symptoms that will change into something else. The pain in my legs, mostly my left leg are getting worse and affecting my mobility. I wish my car was an automatic as it is, to say the least, painful operating the clutch. Other symptoms seem to have eased, fatigue has eased, to...


Good Times Bad Times

Posted by Tim Molloy , 08 January 2014 · 532 views

Hi All

Apologies to Led Zep for pinching one of their song titles for this Blog.

I really did expect a slow progression of symptoms, with yesterdays symptoms being the same, but worse, the next day, but that doesn't seem to be the case for me. I certainly get days when MS affects me more than others, some days I have to force myself to get out of bed...


Symptoms getting worse

Posted by Tim Molloy , 06 December 2013 · 615 views

Hi all.

I went to my local MS group for the first time on Monday evening. I took my wife with me so she could really understand what MS is all about. My symptoms have been quite light and I hide it well (most of the time)

The group were extremely friendly and welcoming, I was the newby but they really made me feel really comfortable. That said, I did feel...



Posted by Tim Molloy , 26 November 2013 · 648 views

Hi All

Firstly, trying a gluten free diet rules out traditional beer, as we like making wine and occasionally beer, I am researching making my own gluten free beer.

I have learnt that distillation removes traces of gluten, so spirits are okay, as is wine and cider.

My big big problem is remembering that I am not, try as I might, the person I was. My...


The story so far

Posted by Tim Molloy , 22 November 2013 · 483 views

I haven't done a blog before, indeed I have always envied those that can write blogs. I am, to my knowledge, 'new' to MS. I now know I had suffered for a few years, but hadn't really connected the 'symptoms' with each other. The falls were just my stupidity or alcohol induced, the dizziness was related to tiredness, the tiredness was...

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