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I'm trying to rid myself of MS using the Wheldon Antibiotic Protocol

Posted by supaguy , 17 February 2014 · 1,131 views

Hey ...

I'm trying to rid myself of MS using the Wheldon Antibiotic Protocol.

I was amazed that neither my MS nurse had heard of this when I asked about it last spring.  The fact that people have already been cured of MS and they didn't know of it made me wonder what the point of them is.  I kept wondering and have come to the conclusion that they have no point.

Anyway, after my GP refusing to prescribe for me, I set out on a do it yourself road.  I wasn't alone or unaided because I had the help and support of the cpnhelp.org community.  I started nervously last may and have been steadily progressing since then.

I was diagnosed as Primary Progressive back in August 2010.  I would say that it is only just about now that I am prepared to claim that I have stopped progression.  It will be a long climb back up for me ... but up is certainly the direction I am gonna head.

Right, here's some links if anyone's interested in looking into this for themselves:



Good luck,


Hope it works for you. Keep us posted hey. I've been diagnosed with ms for 25 years and have heard and seen many treatments which have fallen by the wayside, thus I am  a sceptic. I trully hope this is a cure nd wish you the very best.

Always interested in reading about new theories.......however I do feel such claims need more investigation.  This link really sums it up for me and concludes with the following lines:  In summary, until more or new research studies indicate differently, we cannot scientifically support a biological association between C. pneumoniaeinfection and MS

Link:   http://jid.oxfordjournals.org/content/192/7/1305.full
Hi and thank you to those that have commented.

I would love to be able to boast of huge personal improvements to myself: I can't.  The glimmers I have are not bright enough for me to mouth off yet.  I can say that a lady that I know of that has been partially doing the protocol has indeed made fantastic gains.  She was part doing the protcol long, long before she joined cpnhelp.org   I have spoken to her by phone and am greatly heartened by her good fortune.  She says she finds it all sureal (to be able to cast aside her Zimmer frame and climb stairs again after all these years).  I say three cheers for her improvements.

Anyway, you read for yourself: http://www.cpnhelp.org/update_14

There are people on that site still struggling and there are others that have already made good headway.  There are many that have (to use the exact phrase used to me) "Got their lives back and moved on".

What I will not do is just sit there and wait for the inevitable to happen to me.  I am gonna fight MS by whatever means and whith whatever energy I can muster.

Thank you for your wishes of good luck.  I hope that in the coming months I can bring you good news.

Hi G,

It is great to be positive and proactive when it comes to MS.  It is true that nobody wants MS to be in control and this big issue is one that we all fight in different ways.  I am also a fan of taking charge of the situation, something that is very difficult indeed to describe to others and something that I have written a great deal about ( see here: http://ms-people.com/forum/topic/13484-another-way-of-looking-at-it/page__hl__%2Bold+%2Bshuck )  
The subject of treatments and alternatives treatments is also one of huge debate.  I myself am on a two year drugs trail and see lots of scope for even more investigation into many different possibilities, yet in the five years since my own diagnoses of SPMS the MS community has seen a number of unsubstantiated claims for 'MS Cures'   So my advice is 'Be open to new things ,but be cautious and carry on learning more about your own situation and above all keep positive.
Hi Everybody!

I wrote a lengthy blog about how I am on another site yesterday.  I wish to share it with you but, rather than copy & paste it all in, I'll just post a link, if that's ok.


As you can tell, I will always report very cautiously.  I am painfully aware how easy it is to take a fall and have your face in the dirt.  Notwithstanding that, I'd really love to be able to say to my fellow MSers (especially the ones I know), come on, there's a way out of this mess!


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