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MS affects everyone differently!

Posted by april12 , 22 April 2014 · 709 views

Hi Everyone,

I am back again! Its been a few months since I have been here. I am still doing my masters course and is feeling more optimistic about it. It has not been easy but I am happy that I persevered. I haven't had any relapses but is still bothered by MS fatigue and right sided spasms.

How is everyone else doing?

Hi April,
Great news that you are still enjoying your masters! How long do you have to go?  Nice to hear you sounding so positive, Best of luck.

L :-)
Hi Lala,
I have a year and 3 months to go.fluctuate s from day to day but am hanging in there.

April 12
It is great to hear you are coping. I would love to do some further study, but at the moment I still need to be a bread winner.

We are planning a possible move,to a city. I want some life.
How I will cope with a move and MS is anyone's guess, but we will still go for it.
i am managing the fatigue, other problems, well we just cope, You have to.
i got my Blue Badge ( to my surprise), which actually has been such a boost. It is like my condition has been recognised. It is silly really, but getting that "disabled" tag has made me feel much better.
That's great, I don't even know what I am entitled to. Need to do some research. My main problem at the moment is fatigue and spasms, occasionally I get depressed. Just try to manage the move at your pace. Moving can be very stressful.
Best of luck.
April 12
How are you getting on, April? Well done for this any way.  All the best,

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