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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.

miapia's Blog



Posted by miapia , 01 July 2015 · 392 views

Well hello my MS people friends. Long time since I posted something. I just read Scully's comment about summer, heat and discomfort.

I’m really sorry and I feel sad that a lot of you can’t enjoy the real hot...


treatment time

Posted by miapia , 09 December 2014 · 536 views

Ok here we go folks! treatment time again. Well Im not complaining. Treatment is only once every 6 months. I dont feel any discomfort, no side effects and my latest MRI showed no new plack noactivity so how can I complain? Im very lucky. I hope you all feel good and not to stressed over the fact that its christmas in two weeks! Have a wonderful...



Posted by miapia , 19 August 2014 · 571 views

Summer is officially over.
Rain, wind and the temperature must have dropped 15 degrees in less then two weeks. The summer here in Sweden have been unbelievable. It's been 30-35 degrees where I live from early July until early August.
During the hot week in Mallorca, I had a few migraine attacks. Don't know why but I hope it was just something...


Thoughts of the day

Posted by miapia , 03 August 2014 · 415 views

Sunday afternoon, and only one week left of my vacation.
Sitting here coughing and sniffling feeling sorry for myself. I am never sick! I promise. I didn't hardly have a sick day until my  MS debut.
Sure a cold here and there, took an aspirin and some vitamin C's and then off to work.
This week though have been me in a dark room with a big fan...



Posted by miapia , 13 July 2014 · 609 views

Good afternoon everyone!
A little cooler today here in Sweden, feels good. I think it might rain a little.

I was thinking about treatments and what is standard in Sweden and in the UK?
When I got my diagnose i August last year, I started my treatment with Avonex. I have seen it here on this site too so I know that you use it in the UK.
I took my weekly...



Posted by miapia , 09 July 2014 · 537 views

New day, new challenges.
The weather here is unbelievable. Its sunny and hot. I'am off work today and would love to be in the sun. But today is a migraine day. Sun hurts my head, so its a dark room and a big fan that today have to offer me as a relief.

Yesterday I felt bad and I read about heat intolerance and MS. I heard about it before but thought it...


Introduction about me

Posted by miapia , 08 July 2014 · 463 views

I'm a new member here and I'm from Sweden so I hope that's okey for me to join your UK forum?
There was a forum called MS portalen in...

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