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Posted by miapia , 01 July 2015 · 395 views

Well hello my MS people friends. Long time since I posted something. I just read Scully's comment about summer, heat and discomfort.

I’m really sorry and I feel sad that a lot of you can’t enjoy the real hot summer weather. I am so fortuned that I can. I love sunshine, hot weather and I can lay in the sun for hours.

What has happened since December? Well I have a new job- less stress, I can decide over my work hours and it is a lot of fun trying something totally new.

I have been working at my old chaotic job up until June 15th so it is very new.

My old job, for the last months, was all about closing a whole clinic, I never had a lunch break, came home late and dealt with a lot of frustrations from the staff.

I did work full time and felt “good” in my disease, if you know what I mean? So that was good, and a good indication that my MS was not active and acting up.

In June I had my treatment; Mabthera, that I recive every 6th month. Next time I’m scheduled for a new MRI in December. It will be interesting to see If I’m still free from new activities and plaque.

I work next week also then it’s vacation :whistle:  4 weeks of rest, fun and sun.

My hubby is only off one week during this period so we are going to Denmark for a few days. I love Denmark. The friendliest people, good food and great beer!

We also have planned one day trip to Germany to buy beer and wine for my birthday-that-I-rather-not-celebrate-party. Big 5 0 is coming up fast. :yuck:

I hope you all can enjoy the summer and that you get some vacation. :sun2:
hugs to you all //Mia

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