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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.

Tabbycat's Blog


News from inside your head

Posted by Tabbycat , 11 February 2015 · 649 views

My husband has hidden my latest MRI scans. Is this control freakery or care? Working myself up to be slid in that damn tube with my head in the visor, was bad enough and I understand that he doesn't want me to get more up set as the neuro said there will always be some new activity , but still!!
So somewhere hidden beside a piece of furniture so...


Still snowing

Posted by Tabbycat , 26 January 2015 · 569 views

The snow has thawed and returned and with it flocks of bramblings from the north. Flocks such as I have not seen since Africa. At first a thick cloud of small determined arrows pushing  quietly over head. Enough birds to make us gasp with pleasure and congratulate ourself on our unexpected good fortune and then another cloud followed. As we tracked them...



Posted by Tabbycat , 31 December 2014 · 538 views

Snow had been forecast all week, but the bare soil remained stubbornly sodden, brown and unlovely. Like a child I woke up each morning and my first view of the titles of the barn roof over the road shone only with fresh rain. Finally, like an imperious toddler, I commanded the sky to snow and in the morning the roofes were white.
The garden was filling up...


November song

Posted by Tabbycat , 21 November 2014 · 551 views

November is the cruelest month ( whatever Elliot said). There is only work and dark nights and fog.  In the morning I gulp a mouthful of clean air , before I submerge into transport and breathed air and insincerity, but after Five Working days comes the Weekend!!!
I wake when I want to and the coolest knife edge of light is slicing the clouds....


When the music stops

Posted by Tabbycat , 15 November 2014 · 410 views

It is so crazy how we veer from coping, to overwhelmed in a heartbeat.   I read a description of Ms being your central nervous system shredding its self and the horror of that image stayed with me all night and left me in tears on the way to work. A friend was surprised by my distress," but you always look a picture of health". " I thought...

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