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Still snowing

Posted by Tabbycat , 26 January 2015 · 566 views

The snow has thawed and returned and with it flocks of bramblings from the north. Flocks such as I have not seen since Africa. At first a thick cloud of small determined arrows pushing  quietly over head. Enough birds to make us gasp with pleasure and congratulate ourself on our unexpected good fortune and then another cloud followed. As we tracked them over the hill,  another flock appeared and the flocks joined to form a continuous fluctuating broad ribbon of birds from the horizon . Then they were gone and we were astonished and relaxed, let our eyes drop to the ground ; but in the quiet, we heard the gently enveloping rush of even more birds above us, until the whole sky was filled again by sturdy red and brown mottled finches moving down from the north answering a migratory urge we can only marvel at from our solid earth.
In the woods later I was sure I could hear a car slushing up the muddy trail and as my eyes turned to look, I realized that every leaf on the woodland floor was moving. Some of the bramblings had landed and the sound of their hunt for food amongst the fallen leaves was an extraordinarily loud rushing of sound . The sound filled my ears and my heart and for a moment filled the raw hole that was was the death of my much loved father a few weeks before.
As ever the natural world gives me more joy, than anything else I know.  I walked into the woods worrying if I should go ahead with a cognitive assessment suggested by my doctor to measure what the all dark spots on my brain have done to my ability to think and heavy with sadness about my father and I left brimming with wonder and hope.
Stuff the tests. Whatever has happened cannot be undone. May we all fly with the birds.

Good Stuff!   Your writing is a joy for the simple reason that you have put down real experience and captued that delicate moment where observation reminds us of other, unconecceted events.   Just how it is when you take a walk in the woods.

Thank you for your kind words.  Everything is put into perspective in the woods!

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