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News from inside your head

Posted by Tabbycat , 11 February 2015 · 646 views

My husband has hidden my latest MRI scans. Is this control freakery or care? Working myself up to be slid in that damn tube with my head in the visor, was bad enough and I understand that he doesn't want me to get more up set as the neuro said there will always be some new activity , but still!!
So somewhere hidden beside a piece of furniture so where are more mysterious pictures of the inside of my brain. Most people never get to see inside their head, so why should I care, but still I like to retain some illusion of control, as if I could just home in the big hole and declare that's where my clarity of thought and confidence went.
There seems no consensus about these scans show any way. No new activity does not mean that the old activity won't eventaully cripple you , so may be Ill just  leave them to block a draft until the all knowing neurologist casts my runes again and we all nod sagely and pretend we have a clue about anything at all.

Having never seen any of my scans, despite now having an MRI every 3 months , I recently asked about what they showed and what relevance they were to me.  My neurologist gave an interesting answer, which was that while they could show change, it was still difficult to determine simply from a scan just how the progression of my MS was going.   Now I do have faith in what neurologists say and do start to understand that while MRI scans may be useful tools they are not by any means the 'all seeing' device that can tell you everything that is happening. After all they are showing what has already happened , that is the sclerosis caused by the attack on the myeline. That is different to what may happen in the future.
I've only ever had one MRI scan and that was back in 1997.
Has it made a difference, I'm not sure. :what:

My neuro doesn't believe in routine imaging. He is of the consensus that lesions don't predict the disease progression or always correlate with relapses. I've had 3 leading up to diagnosis, one last year before starting a dmd and I have never seen them. Wouldn't know what I was looking at anyway, but it would be nice to see I have a brain, Somedays it doesn't feel like I do!!

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