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Posted by angeltess , 26 July 2013 · 653 views

Well, got back yesterday.  Had an amazing time.  We were in a lovely, quiet resort with miles of almost deserted beaches, great restaurants and a massive apartment with all the home comforts.  I felt really well mostly, just normal tired, not drained and ill like over here.  I've decided I'm allergic to Britain!!!

Since getting home the heat is flooring me again, but I'll just sit it out as per usual!

I reckon the massive dose of natural Vitamin D will recharge me a bit, so hoping to stay well for a while.

Hope everyone is OK - especially Scully!  Sorry to hear you're in hospital again - hope you make a really quick recovery.  I'm thinking of you.

Well, that's all for now - I could bore you all with my holiday, but to be honest we didn't do a lot apart from chill out, play in the pool, read books and eat and just have a bit of mother/daughter bonding (even if that did mean being teased continually by a 10 year old haha).

Nice to hear from you Jan, all you need now is 'Holiday recovery time'  Everyone here has been thinking about Scully and we all look forward to hearing some better news.

You're right Nick.  2 weeks and counting and still in recovery mode, but worth it!
I agree with your allergy to Britain. I honeymooned in La Manga, Spain (my wife came too) in April and felt great. Nice dry warm heat....no humidity.

Glad you had a great break and from a recent reply on a post I did it appears Scully is out of hospital and back in action!!

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