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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.


This includes links to sites with products or services which have been either used or suggested by members or others with MS. The "MS People UK" site does not endorse these sites but merely includes them for your information.
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Disability Rights UK - Guide to making a claim for PIP

by Marina
Disability Rights UK has produced this guide to help you through the claiming process. The guide covers information on: The PIP rules The scoring s...

DLA Guides and Tips

by Marina
Lengthy Detailed Guides to filling in the DLA form. May be helpful with PIP too?

DWP - Code of Appeals Procedure (CAP)

by Marina
A collection of guidance documents for decision makers on all aspects of dealing with an appeal.


by Marina
Throughout our ongoing engagement with disabled people and their representatives we have been asked a number of questions about Personal Independen...

DWP - PIP Policy

by Marina
Introduction to Personal Independence Payment from the DWP.

Gov.uk - DLA Claim Form and Rates

by Marina
Download DLA Claim forms and also an Appeal form. Rates: https://www.gov.uk/dla-disability-living-allowance-benefit/what-youll-get

Gov.uk - PIP

by Marina
Basic information from the government on Personal Independence Payment.

Gov.uk - PIP Assessment Guide

by Marina
Personal Independence Payment assessment guide for assessment providers. Download as PDF.

Guide to - How to win a PIP appeal

by Marina
If you made a claim for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and you didn't get the award that you think you were entitled to, you don't hav...

Many Lemons’ PIP Appeal Advice

by Marina
Written by a woman with MS, based on her experience of making and winning an appeal. In two parts: - Navigating the Process - Top 12 tips to read b...

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