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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.

MS Trust

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    By Marina

    Submitted Dec 12 2012 03:38 PM


The MS Trust is dedicated to making life better for people living with multiple sclerosis by providing free information to everyone affected by MS and by supporting the health professionals who work with multiple sclerosis.

The MS Trust is in contact with over 40,000 people affected by multiple sclerosis; that's people with MS, their families, friends and the health care professionals who help manage multiple sclerosis. The MS Trust books and publications covers MS and diagnosis, Symptoms, Drugs and other treatments, Living with MS, Family and relationships. The MS Trust quarterly newsletter Open Door is sent out to over 20,000 people affected by multiple sclerosis, providing the latest updates on MS research, treatments and personal perspectives on living with multiple sclerosis. The MS Trust also provides a personalised enquiry service answering people's questions about their MS by phone, email, letter or online and all of the MS Trust's information is provided free of charge.

The MS Trust is committed to supporting and developing multiple sclerosis specialist services in the UK to ensure that everyone affected by MS receives the best care possible. Health professionals become involved with the MS Trust through our professional development programmes and publications; every new multiple sclerosis nurse in the UK attends a week-long induction course the Development Module in Clinical multiple sclerosis run by the MS Trust and our Way Ahead newsletter for healthcare professionals goes out to nearly 5,000 health professionals.

The MS Trust provides and funds information that is tailored to what people want to know, education for health professionals about what people with multiple sclerosis need, research into better management of MS and support for anyone affected by MS.

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