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The class A drugs are the medical ones

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The MS Society have been suggesting that medical cannabis should be legalised. However, unless there is quality control, you don't know what you are getting.

Are you going to buy botanical stinky cannabis or non-stinky synthetics. So, one of the problems is that scientific chemicals are becoming available on the street.

Some of them are about 100 to 1000 times more potent than street cannabis and so the dope fiends are going for them.

Urban legend/myth is the stoner scientist (we know who they are) who took one of these drugs and was paralysed for 3 days lying in their kitchen in their own pooh and out of their heads....Nice...Not!

Some of these chemicals arrive in form of "Spice". These are so potent, they are killing people (probably the drugs are causing heart problems)

We have a solution to this, so if the reviewer and editor would pull their finger out!......we could tell you about this:-(

However, cannabis is not only the problem. Yesterday you may have heard about fentanyl (pronounced phentan-il [fentan-il]). But the News didn't really say what it is. 

It is an drug used in anesthesia of animals, as a pain killer because it is a morphine derivative. So it is an opioid. Morphine and Heroin are opioids. 

Being synthetic, it is more potent than street drug. Because it can be pure, it can be dangerous.

What has this got to do with MS...probably nothing but be warned if you go down the illegal drug route....there may be no quality control and so you don't know what you are getting.

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