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Support, help, advice and information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions and share experiences with people affected by MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Charities and Organisations

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  1. The MS Trust is dedicated to making life better for people living with multiple sclerosis by providing free information to everyone affected by MS and by supporting the health professionals who work with multiple sclerosis.

    The MS Trust is in contact with over 40,000 people affected by multiple sclerosis; that's people with MS, their families, friends and the health care professionals who help manage multiple sclerosis. The MS Trust books and publications covers MS and diagnosis, Symptoms, Drugs and other treatments, Living with MS, Family and relationships. The MS Trust quarterly newsletter Open Door is sent out to over 20,000 people affected by multiple sclerosis, providing the latest updates on MS research, treatments and personal perspectives on living with multiple sclerosis. The MS Trust also provides a personalised enquiry service answering people's questions about their MS by phone, email, letter or online and all of the MS Trust's information is provided free of charge.

    The MS Trust is committed to supporting and developing multiple sclerosis specialist services in the UK to ensure that everyone affected by MS receives the best care possible. Health professionals become involved with the MS Trust through our professional development programmes and publications; every new multiple sclerosis nurse in the UK attends a week-long induction course the Development Module in Clinical multiple sclerosis run by the MS Trust and our Way Ahead newsletter for healthcare professionals goes out to nearly 5,000 health professionals.

    The MS Trust provides and funds information that is tailored to what people want to know, education for health professionals about what people with multiple sclerosis need, research into better management of MS and support for anyone affected by MS.
  2. Learn, Build, Share. Learn more about cognitive difficulties in MS. Build confidence in managing them. Share useful information.

    Staying Smart is a website designed for people who want to know (or know more) about how MS can affect thinking. Not everyone with MS will experience difficulties in this area. But for those who do, information can be hard to find. “Cognition” is the general word that covers all aspects of thinking. It includes memory, concentration and planning. To help you work out which type of thinking is tricky for you, the website starts with everyday problems. You can click on the everyday problem. Each problem is linked to a set of information which is helpful for that type of problem. It might be memory, attention, wayfinding, finding things, language, or executive skills.

    Each type of thinking problem has its own set of information. Each has a short explanation and a useful Tips and Tricks section. You are invited to add your own advice to help other people using the site. There is also More Information, which gives more detail about that specific type of thinking problem. Gadgets and Gizmos lists items you can buy that may be helpful. MST publications is a catalogue of pamphlets and fact sheets you may find helpful, published by the MST. You can print these out by clicking on them, or order them by post. Other Resources lists helpful books, websites and DVD’s from other sources you may want to know about. Research is a summary of research, divided into describing the thinking problem and rehabilitation studies. Other Important Influences deals with other aspects of MS that can affect cognition, such as fatigue or depression. Involving Family and Friends has ideas for talking about thinking glitches with your family and friends. Getting Professional Help gives information about health professionals who can help and how you can contact them. Some of these sections also have General Info, with more wide-ranging points. If you are more confident or knowledgeable in this area, there is Fast Track. All information about each thinking problem can be accessed by one click in Fast Track. All information can be printed out and you can change the screen to make the text easier to read.

    The goals of this website are to:
    support learning about cognition in MS build confidence in managing cognition in MS facilitate sharing of knowledge about and experience of cognition in MS.
    Every member of the MS Community is invited to contribute to this website. Input is welcomed from people with MS, their families and health professionals. Every comment, criticism, and piece of information is valuable.
  3. MS Brain Health is calling for a radical change in the management of multiple sclerosis because time matters at every stage of the disease.
    The MS Brain Health initiative has emerged from an evidence-based international consensus report, Brain Health: Time Matters in Multiple Sclerosis, which recommends a strategy to maximise lifelong “brain health”.
    (Professor Gavin Giovannoni of the Barts MS Blog is the chair committee member.)
  4. Independent Information from MS Professionals Worldwide.

    The Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) was established in 1967 as an international body linking the activities of national MS societies around the world.

    Download their MS in Focus Magazine and other publications in PDF:
  5. How many people in the UK are living with MS? How do the different types of MS affect different people? Are there regional differences in how people with MS receive treatment?
    Currently, the answers to these fundamental questions are largely unknown. With an estimated 100,000 people living with MS in the UK, it’s time we increased our knowledge and understanding. MS Register researchers are working to find out more about MS and the impact it has on the lives of those it affects. To do this, we need your help.
    By joining the community of people in the UK affected by MS and contributing to the MS Register, you will be directly involved in generating new research. The knowledge we gain from this study will fuel campaigns for fair, relevant policy and improved healthcare for people living with MS.
    The online survey is a collaboration between the UK MS Society and Swansea University, where a team of experts are working to collate and analyse data. In addition to this online survey, a clinical study is taking place. The clinical study and online survey form the MS Register.
  6. MS Research and Relief Fund is a UK registered charity (No.228634) established in 1964 to support people affected by multiple sclerosis (or MS), a disease of the central nervous system, which can affect a persons mobility, their independence and their confidence, and can also the change the lives of their partners, families and friends.
  7. Together to beat MS.

    Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS. It affects two million more.

    We offer hope for the future by investing millions in research, and help for today through our information, support and campaigning.
  8. MS-UK is about you, whether you have been diagnosed with MS recently or for years, or if you are a relative, friend, carer, a professional in the field of MS or just plain interested in Multiple Sclerosis.

    MS-UK firmly believes that our role is simply to act as a conduit for people to share their thoughts, experience and knowledge. We believe that given sufficient information anyone who visits is capable of making their own decisions appropriate for their lives.

    MS Advisors can be reached between 9.00am and 5.00pm from Monday to Friday on 0800 783 0518
    (Previously The Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre)
  9. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation provides a comprehensive approach to helping people with MS maintain their health and well-being.

    See also their online MS Focus magazines:
  10. Shift.ms is the social network for people with multiple sclerosis. Founded by MSers, for MSers, the charity supports many thousands of recently diagnosed people across the world as they make sense of MS.

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