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Types of MS

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  1. Types of MS

    Although the effects of multiple sclerosis can vary greatly from person to person, the condition is often categorised into one of four broad groups:
    Relapsing remitting MS Secondary progressive MS Primary progressive MS Benign MS
  2. MS affects everyone differently.

    People with the same type of MS won't necessarily experience the same symptoms in the same way.
  3. MS is a complex and unpredictable condition that varies from person to person and does not follow a set pattern. Symptoms can come and go from day to day but there can also be relapses followed by periods of complete or partial remission. For other people, MS can be more progressive in nature.

    MS is often divided into four different types...
  4. MS is divided into four broad types, although the pattern of symptoms and progression does not always fit neatly into these "boxes". For people who are newly diagnosed, it may be difficult to determine the type of their MS.

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Founded in 2004, MS People UK is a community website and discussion forum by and for people with Multiple Sclerosis as well as for friends, families, supporters and those interested in this disabling condition.

If you’re newly diagnosed or want to ask about possible first symptoms, or if you’ve had Relapse Remit, Secondary or Primary Progressive MS for some time, a welcoming group of fellow MS sufferers is here to chat with you about MS symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

The atmosphere is friendly whilst being compassionate, supportive and caring. Members also post about a variety of subjects not related to MS, as well as share jokes, talk about their hobbies, have fun, and more.

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