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Tysabri - Doodah's Blog


The Tysabri saga is one that is of immense interest to the medical and investment communities, as well as to multiple sclerosis patients everywhere. Containing more twists and turns than your average Six Flags theme park ride, Tysabri is known as the “miracle” drug that was, then wasn’t, and now is again.

Because discussions about Tysabri tend to be inundated with numerous medical and scientific terms and industry jargon, the purpose of this document is to attempt to bring the average “layman” up to speed on all things Tysabri. The hope is not only will the reader gain a familiarity of the Tysabri saga, he or she will obtain enough working knowledge to understand the esoteric Tysabri description set forth above by Natalie.

To understand how Tysabri works, one must first understand some basics on multiple sclerosis (MS).

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