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[SURVEY] Things they don't tell you that you need to know.

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This thread is really interesting.



Everytime i've been to the dentist the last few years they have said my gums are in bad condition. They always bleed when i brush them and the dentist always says i don't brush them enough or not properly and gives me techniques and says the bleeding will stop once my gums get used to being brushed, but they never seem to get used to it.


Cold feet

I've also noticed in the last few weeks my toes feel really cold all the time, but when i touch them (or someone else does) they don't feel cold to the touch at all. But to me they feel as if i've been walking through snow for hours! This has sometimes been coupled with feeling really flushed on my face, but again it doesn't actually feel hot to the touch.



At the end of last year i had a spell of constant UTI's, having only ever had about 2 in my life in the past, and they were ones i could deal with myself with good ole cranberry juice. These ones i had blood in my urine for no reason and had anti biotics.


Something else i am wondering as i read this thread:


I've noticed a couple people here have said they are allergic to penicillin, i am allergic to the other group of anti biotics, eurithamicin. (sp?) Do you find it difficult dealing with any allergies you may have alongside your MS?

RRMS, diagnosed 2010

Surprise baby due 31.7.13 - never been more excited!

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SS, remember lots of non- MSers grind their teeth etc. too. ;-)

Apologies in advance if I post then vanish for a bit - I work away from home and will be back at the weekend!!!

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This is a brilliant thread thank you... as someone with 'possible MS' awaiting an MRI its really helpful to know that there are some symptoms shared that aren't widely recognised or mentioned as being down to MS.


1. Teeth...I have Temporo Mandibular Joint Dysfunction and have been fitted with a mouth guard and told not to clamp my teeth,(they dont seem to believe that the spasm is involuntary) i dont grind them, but my cheeks, jaw and ears are constantly painful and I get headche type pains in face.


I have very weak enamel so my teeth just crack and become sharp under the pressure, I also get neuralgia when I brush my teeth so I understand the vicious circle thing.


Cold feet....My nose and feet are constantly cold to the touch but I feel warm to touch, however if jy feet are cold my whole body is cold and I keep piling on the layers... to my boyfriends amusement when he is sat in just his PJ bottoms.


UTI's... Im a bit different here in that I often get extreme pain when I pee but no infection, they have put this down to an over sensitive bladder but I have sonce learned that my bladder doesnt empty properly, is this a common MS thing?


GER... I get lot of chest pain, either through cramps in the muscles between my ribs or from acid reflux...


This was a very interesting and informative post


TYVM Gem x

x x Gem x x

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:hearts_circle: OMG my dentist ahs blamed my lack of care on crumbling teeth and until recently when I was referred for MS/HNPP/CIDP investigations despite cleaning, flossing, gargling till I was sick yet still having to go almost weekly for repairs I never put 2 and 2 together, but looking back across the last 20 years, I can pick up numerous things that may well be down to this diagnosis...altho still awaiting a confirmation..... LP done, genetic bloods done etc, work in radiology but can't get an MRI,too expensive? apologies I keep picking up on different threads but sincere thanks to all in the forum xxxxxxxx

I was treated with camera up and down last year as they thought I had IBS although it doesn't matter what I eat, changed diets etc some foods love me one minute then not the next, I can no longer drink tea as it makes me sick, my feet, hands and nose are always cold yet I have to have my legs out of bed uncovered as they feel on fire, I have dizzy spells, waves of sickness and have keeled over several times, I have joint problems going back to my teens, blamed on growing pains, the leg cramps etc, at present my elbows are living hell, can't carry anything without the pain, consistent uti's and the little meals suit me too xxx

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How bizarre! I clamp my teeth together day and night and ignore it as been doing it so long now! Sometimes i notice as jaw aches but now I know i will mention to doctors.I also have teeth problems, fillings, pain and I too dont have sweet tooth and brush my teeth twice a day.I always get told to floss but I seem to not be able to altho I do try. Very interesting ;)

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Miss Weeble

Hmm the fillings link needs to be researched in West Coast Scotland as MS high there as well as bad sweetie diet so bad teeth ...




Weeble x

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hey this rings a bell i have been jaw clamping for years and wear a plastic gum shield i look like i am boxing, and have had many uti,s

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Literally just been diagnosed and I have been suffering from all of these things for years!!!

Really helpful - thank you!

Anyone else experiencing itching?!??

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Hello Claire,


Welcome! Yes sometimes when we look back after being diagnosed we can relate to all sorts of symptoms from the past.


Itching can be a problem for some. I've had one bout of it, and found that only a gentle spray with cold water would relieve it, just for a short while at least.




They are not brain lesions..........they are just bright ideas


"The truth is out there"

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