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ESA form causing upset

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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone Ian feeling ok today. I've not been on for a while just been in a kind a daze lately. I was in hospital last week for tests and review. The psychologist has decided I need counselling, to see if that can help me to walk properly again.


I have applied for ESA and they have sent me another form to fill in about what's wrong with me and it is just upsetting me. I just get scared that I fill it in wrong, I forget dates and appointments and they want to know. But the thing that upsets me the most is I have to go over everything that is wrong with me and be reminded of everything I can't do. These forms really should come with a box of tissues.


Sorry for going on

marianne xxx

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With filling these forms, I find it tiresome almost like being a professional disabled person but the best thing is get Citizens Advice to fill it in. They know the specific keywords that help to score points.


What you need to do is dissociate yourself from the person being described in the form. After all its only a depiction of you on your worst day.


I am afraid its something you have to do to get the enhanced benefit otherwise its Jobseekers at half the value with no emotional form filling.



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This form-filling is one good reason for getting someone experienced to assist you in completion.


You have to be completely objective about yourself and the problems that you face. As you've already intimated, this can get a bit emotional and you can start minimising the impact of symptoms.


Having a third party helps you to detach yourself from the form filling exercise. And ensures that objectivity is maintained.


Citizens Advice bureaux can help.


Hope this helps



John aka Stumbler (as I do fall over!)

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I agree, CAB is good at helping, but getting to a CAB office may be difficult and the wait to see someone is off putting if you're not so well.


We've recommended the Benefits and Work website before, lots of us have used them. It may be easier for you to use them too?



There is a subscription but it's well worth it.

You're not the only one to feel upset by the emotions it raises when filling out these things, believe me. hugs2.gif

I hope you get some answers to what's causing your walking problems Marianne.

Chris x

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I know someone who works at our local dial house and they can help too. I think they are pretty nation wide.

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hi there. i agree. i had someone come and fill my dla form in and couldn't stop crying while they were here. definitely couldn't have done it myself. get some help.

derby x

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I had a look and the benefits and work and i too am subscribing very interesting.My Ms Nurse said she would help me with my form when they do my review. Maybe if you have a ms nurse or a nice gp they would help you too.I know mine would.;)

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All good advice there for you Marianne!


The CAB and DIAL are brilliant, they will help out no end in filling the forms in for you.


I got a little upset when I filled out my DLA form too. I know I had to complete it for my worst day, but actually writing it all down, it was almost like re-living a nightmare. But, the others are right, detach yourself when it's being completed.




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Wow thank you all so much for your advice and good to know I'm not alone in how I feel.


marianne x

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March this year, temporary blindness, after gradually worsening blurred vision, slurred speech and not able to find the right words. For the next 3 weeks, I had spasticity and stiffness in my right leg, arm and hand, gripping/burning pain in my lower limbs from the knees down and swelling patches at the back of my knees in trying to walk or stand and my legs felt really heavy and began to give out, tremor in my right hand and sometimes my whole body would jerk forward. I also had a bad reaction after having a hot bath (heavy limbed, exhausted, nausea) and if I got hot whilst walking, my legs would stiffen up, making it very difficult to walk. I saw flashing lights(not flying saucers) when trying to look at something and also a very strange feeling in my spine, like someone was peeling the spine away(not painful, but very strange!). Pins and needles/numbness in my right arm, hand and leg, together with numbness/pins and needles in my face and lips. Since then, the walking/standing has got worse and the pains in my legs take much longer to go if I have been trying to stand/walk. I only have to be stood up for a few minutes some days and I'm in agony. I had numbness in the right side of my palate and then more recently, the tip of my tongue went numb. Electric shock sensations when bending my neck, either going into my arm, down my spine ending at the buttocks or down into my feet. (I get back/neck pain/sciatica and a lot of vertigo/balance/dizziness problems probably due to MD and spinal probs, but I know that heat can affect MS symptoms, which makes me think that I might have MS). Most recently, I got really hot(not as in saucy hot), but temperature and developed really bad eye pain in my left eye. I then developed nausea and the centre of my vision became blurred. My eyes really hurt on moving them and I also had a feeling that my eyes were wobbling from side-side when moving my eyes up and down. They seemed to deviate either off to the left or the right, instead of up and down. I had the blurred vision the next day and decided to visit a&e. Whilst waiting to be seen, I had a vertigo attack, so couldn't move. Any way, doc said that I had an occular occlusion and thought it was either due to the neuro problems that I had been getting or a migraine. Docs said that I had no swelling? Recetly diagnosed with nystagmus when having balance tests (but only in my right eye) but when I asked my partner to look at my eyes after my visit to a&e, he said that both eyes were still wobbling side to side when I looked up/down. I do have a history of migraine, but have never had aura/weired sensations. I have also been getting intermittent wrist pain and knee pain(but this could be due to spondylosis in other parts of my body?) I am generally quite a positve/happy person, but have felt quite fed-up of late, so any thoughts would be much appreciated. Sorry for the length of my intro, but as you can see, lots has been happening! PS, neuro thinks symptoms are due to ME and MD. Had brain and spinal MRI, but no mention of demylination, but I have seen something in thoracic region; (looks like diffuse abnormalities, but could equally be due to me moving/breathing) which has not been explained. Strangely enough, this is where I get most of my pain, especially on standing. Neg for B12, Lymmes, TIA, but going to ask for LP, to rule out Lupus and also going to ask for tests to rule out Devics, Hughes Syndome. Oh, almost forgot to add, although I'm on seretide for asthma, I get a really tight chest on occasions that isn't relieved by my meds. Another thing, I had epilepsy - tonic clonic and altered sensations in 1996 (on Carbamazepine) and then lost the hearing in my left ear in 2004 and had drooping left eye lid and unequal pupils.   Just remembered more symptoms, I suddenley find myself startled for no reason; this has happened quite a few times and sometimes my legs momentarilly cease to work, which feels as though they are paralysed, but I'm still standing? This lasts for about 5 seconds. I have had urinary incontinence (last year, just once) and have started to need the toilet a lot more, especially at night, last night, I was up 5 times; which is something I experienced a number of years ago. I have sudden urges to go to the toilet now and cannot ignore them.   Becuase I keep remebering new sysmptoms, I will add to the list as and when they occur.   A friend of mine had a lovely saying, chin up chicken, which is something that I have adopted since. Regards Mimi

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      Hello All,   I have spent much of this week-end completely my DLA form. I was warned it was like War and Peace, and it was......although more war than peace I think !   I did it on several sessions, but, found it quite distressing to actually think about every task and write it down. Made me feel quite useless and near 90 years old.   My partner helped me, and we ventured out to test my walking speed ! Well that made me feel much better, getting over-taken on the sidewalk by grey haird old ladies who were carrying shopping bags !. Got home worked out the speed, and was even more dimayed to find that I fitted into the 'Very Slow' box. It's all very depressing.   I've posted the damned thing today. Postal strike looming, so I forked out a fiver to have it 'Next day delivery and signed for' I hope they don't lose it, I don't think I could face filling it in again !   I'd heard that it can take months to get a reply/decision from them.....and many are rejected..... Rejected ?!?!? So fingers crossed.   Hope you are all as well as can be expected, even if it is a dull old day   Scully x

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