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Maybe moving areas...., neuro dept considerations...

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Hi All,

As some of you know I went back to college this september to start an Access to Higher Education course, with the view to going to Uni next year. I live in Cambridge, so if I stay local I have either actual Cambridge as a choice, or the 'other uni' which is ranked 106 out of 116 in the country .... talk about both ends of the spectrum!

So, considering I am going to leave with the same amount of debt no matter where I go, I figure I might get more bang for my buck if I choose the best uni I can academically manage to get in to.

There are so many practicalities to consider with regards to moving, and MS is not helping.


As I am on Tysabri, I would want to be sure I could still have that if I moved areas. Does anyone know if this would definitely be possible anywhere I go, or could some areas refuse it? (for instance if they have different criteria or a limited number of patients allowed on it or something?)


I keep meaning to ring the MS nurse about it, but am putting it off as I feel a bit bad for bothering them with that and not something directly medical.....so I thought I'd just ask here to see if anyone has any experience of moving areas and the differences in treatment etc.


Also, if I stay locally, and go to the less prestigious (or rather, not prestigious) Uni, then I have the chance to study in Canada in the 2nd year for 6months, this is very appealing to me because I have always wanted to go to Canada and feel it would be a good in between of not moving away but still having a good experience. Does anyone know what implications that might have for treatment, continuing tysabri etc? Someone suggested to me I might not be allowed a visa in to the country due to health reasons, is that possible?


Any thoughts are much appreciated on this, I have a big decision to make and have got to make it quick if I'm going to apply to anywhere decent, I need to get it done in the next couple weeks.....arrrghhhh.....


Now back to that personal statement *lesigh*..



RRMS, diagnosed 2010

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Hi mustard,

can't answer your question about destination but wanted to wish you the best with the access course. I did one before uni and I thoroughly enjoyed it. . Great bunch of people all taking different subjects and with a wealth of life experience.. I'm jealous lol

derby x

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Hello Mustard,


Good to see you around the forums once again, and pleased you are doing well, both with the Tysabri and the education courses.


I would think regarding moving areas within the UK, you could continue with Tysabri as you are already on it. But of course you would need to check it out, maybe suggest the PCT in your area, or any area you are looking at?


With regards to Canada. Well, as a born and bred Canadian. I can offer a bit more advice.....


Canada, in general, do not look favourably on immigration of people, from the UK or anywhere else in fact, who have medical issues, particularly long term medical issues.


They lump the whole 'we don't want sick people' under the heading of " protecting the Canadian Health System and Canadians". There is no health service to speak of, being mainly privately funded by the individual, however there is a state system of sorts that helps those who do not medical insurance........immigrants in the main.


Put it this way. I have friends who have strong ties with my Canadian brothers, both of whom still live and work in Vancouver BC. These friends applied for immigration, ( by the way, permanent immigration can take over three years to complete) all was proceeding well and they even bought land and property in Canada as well as putting the statutory amount of bucks into their Canadian bank account. Pauline, unfortunately developed diabetes, controlled with diet only..........their immigration was immediately refused, they had to sell rhe property and everything.


So, permanent immigration is not an option for any of us to Canada I'm afraid.


OK, good news, or better news.....if your visa is under 6 months you may not need a medical. However, you will have to declare your MS on the visa application, and, technically, as a visiting student, staying under 6 months, you should be OK and not need a medical examination by the Canadian Commission. I say technically, because they can waive this rule if they want to. The reason that they may waive the rule for the under 6 month visitor is because many visiting students, particularly from the Asian countries, fail to return home after the visa has expired. If that student, fails to return home, and then get sick, of course the Canadian government has to foot the bill for any treatment .


This all may sound very harsh and unyielding treatment by Canada, but, they are trying to protect their own nation's resources is all.


Here's the link to the Canadian Commission on temporary student visas. I would think you should be fine with your bona fida course but just be aware that there is a slim chance of an issue there.






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Hi Mustard


This all sounds very exciting! As far as Tysabri is concerned, I understand that not all hospitals are able to give the infusion and so it might necessitate you travelling to the nearest prescribing hospital, depending where you live. Although Tysabri should be available on the NHS, the MS Society says it's not always so, depending on the hospital trust.


You might like to have a look at this page below




Best of luck with investigating the move, the possibility of 6 months in Canada sounds fantastic!


Chris x

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Hi Mustard,

Sounds like exciting times ahead!


My experience following my own move to Scotland a couple of years ago now (where did that time go???) was that my new Neuro team assessed me and confirmed that they were happy to continue prescribing Rebif for me. My previous hospital had made sure that I had enough "stock" with me to cover any delays in processing me up here. I know it's not as simple as that for Tysabri but your current hospital may be able to put some arrangements in place before you move. I had discussed the potential move with both my old MS Nurse and Neuro before I left and they were fairly confident that this would be the case. Once you narrow down your options in terms of potential universities then a chat with your MS nurse or even a call to the Neuro department secretary or nurses in those areas may help you to get some more information.


Good luck and remember to make sure you have some time for you in the midst of all the planning and applying.



Life is short. Eat dessert first. Jacques Torres

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