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Free Laughter Club online

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I recently saw that it is possible to Laugh online. I think this should be fun. I do not know how it works but I think it is definitely worth a try. I think I will try and access it by typing Online Laughter Club into google otherwise I think I found it on the American International Laughter website. This is a really good idea as it means it would be possible to laugh everyday which would give maximum benefits and get around our mobility difficulties. In the east people choose to attend Laughter Clubs daily, in the west clubs tend to meet weekly.


I will give it a go and then let you know.

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      Hello everyone... well as in the title I dont have a diagnosis yet but enough pointers to suggest possible ms... hence visiting here :-D .   I am Laura and I am a grandma to six wonderful young people from 1 year old to 16 years old ... so no spring chicken lol. I am privileged to work with rescue animals and people who have challenges in their lives so keep quite busy... oh and I "do " panto as well so def up for a laugh.   The reason I am hear rather obviously I suppose is that I have symptoms that might.lead to that diagnosis of ms. The latest that led to at last having referral for mri and neuro appt was two separate episodes of foot drop and leg weakness (one three years ago left leg and one now right leg) as well as in last three months transient double vision, cold sensations in leg / abdo, bowel leakage, tics ans cramps in right leg , facial neuralgia and hot flushes. Of course looking back over the past years can now see other possible more minor issues possibly symptomatic so this may be have been on the go as it were for years .   Scan on thursday.. have had bloods done but no results yet... waiting for neuro appt to arrive. So the limbo challenge proceeds... just feeling the need to connect with others who will understand now.... thanks.

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      Hi all, my name is Kate Milliken and I’ve had RRMS since 2006. In 2009, I made a documentary about my journey that I put online at www.katescounterpane.com. I threw out my story in the most emotionally honest way I could and since creating it, I’ve had over 50,000 unique visitors view the site and still get 2-3 phone calls a week from people with MS wanting to talk about it. This, along with my own experiences, has made one thing very clear: as a community, we need a better way to connect not only by our individual experiences, but how we’re feeling about them.   For over a year I’ve been working on a solution and it is here: http://igg.me/p/321295/x/2190745   This is a link to an Indiegogo campaign that gives you a full explanation of what I am doing. It would be so valuable to me if you take a look and PASS IT ON! Facebook, Twitter, your MS friends outside this forum. To be successful, I need to spread the word and inform as many people in the MS community as I can. Keep in mind, I am creating this tool for people living with MS, but also for their caregivers and supporters too because we all are affected and all have amazing stories to tell.   Please also sign up on my landing page at signup.mycounterpane.com so you will be sure to receive the initial version when it is launched. I will be back to this forum to keep you updated and welcome any thoughts.   My email is katescounterpane@gmail.com should you want to contact me directly.   I'm deeply grateful.   Kate Milliken

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      Hi lavender and Paulx   Sorry to have missed your replies. If you or anyone is interested there are more than 8000 clubs in 60 countries so there should/could be one near you. Also you can read about it if you just type Laughter Yoga into google. I belong to a club where everyone else runs around and I sit or lean against a wall. To get the benefits all you need to do is laugh and breathe! We also sing songs and clap hands (to stimulate all the acupressure points and energise the body). Eye contact is emphasised to foster a sense of community, sharing & caring. The breathing is the yoga part. The combination of Laughter, Deep Breathing,Clapping, Singing, Eye Contact has been shown to have numerous benefits - releasing endorphins - happy hormones, improving the digestion, the circulation, increasing energy, lifting depression. Members from clubs around the world report that they are healthier (less colds & flu) chronic health conditions are improved and depression lifts. Ten minutes of laughter has been shown to have the same benefts on the circulatory system as 30 minutes on a rowing machine. It is easy to adapt the exercises (which are only there to help you laugh) to what you can can do.   I have now trained as a Laughter Leader and have started a club for a group of wheelies and the elderly in a nearby community centre. I am also in the process of starting a club for people with MS.   If you can find a club I eally recommend giving it a try.

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      Hi to anyone who'll listen   I have found the best results from laughter and smiling, it's true, it really is the best medicine!   I have PPMS and after more than ten years of going slowly downhill, I've found I spend most of my days really having to concentrate, just to get me through.   OK, so where does the laughter and smiling come into it?   My best example is explained by an everyday occurrence, having a shower. I got to the point where I really had to think twice about getting in the shower. I can stand up for a few minutes, but I frequently get weak dizzy spells where I just don't want to be in the shower.   At times like that, I think of a line from a favourite Monty Python sketch where two ozzies are reciting the rules of their club. All the rules are the same and comprise of two words spoken in your strongest ozzie accent 'NO WOOFTERS!'.   That line brings a smile to my face and I carry on, coping with my shower. I don't know if it is just my much weakened male pride kicking in, or if the smiling actually does something, but it certainly works for me - every time!   Give it a try,

      in General Discussion about MS

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