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Ruby Red

Medication, Free, Alternatives to Medication .. Curious

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Ruby Red

I usually refer to my self as drug free, as with having got to the stage in my MS most of my disablitys outway the MS thesedays BUT I still believe in Multivitems, good diet, perstien sytem for bowls and meditation etc so Im not really drug free just maybe pharmasoutical free.


I seldom meet people who are drug free with MS and those that say they are usually find help in alternative therapys or herbal.


So Im now curious as to people if they feel there, shall we say pharmasoutical free what they do to controll or help symptoms ?


Has anyone come off the tablets etc and found really there MS is no diffrent than when they were on the medication?


excuse any spelling my voice is croaky and voice software is driving me potty.


Merry Christmas to All


Hugs Aims x

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I am primary progressive so there are not many drugs available for me. I am drug free. Those that I have been offered seem to have side effects that are worse than the symptoms I suffer from.

I have chronic pain but I prefer to live with it rather then live on painkillers for ever. Living with pain allows you to get so used to it that it becomes the norm.

Fatigue is another problem for me but the drugs offered didn't work for me. Fatigue is harder to get used to. I live with it but all I can do to prevent it is to stop doing stuff.


I use meditation techniques for the pain but this doesn't actually stop it. It just changes how you think about it and that makes it better.




John :cowboy:

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