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I am seeing one in a couple of weeks, was referred by my neurologist.

What should i expect? What makes these individuals different from seeing a regular neuro?

Why is it that although i was diagnosed with ms i haven't actually seen anyone other than my regular neuro who apparently isn't an ms specialist.

Sorry to sound like an idiot here but i am genuinely confused.

derby x

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I see a MS specialist in a few weeks time too

think the difference between the two are simply the neurologist you have been seeing ,

works on all neoro cases , were as the MS specialist is a neoro who specialises in MS,


i googled the one I'm going to see and he has done loads of medical study papers on MS


so maybe you will be in better hands with the specialist .....heres hoping anyways !


Mal x

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Hello Derby,


In general, all neurologists specialise in matters of neurology, the brain, and spinal cord. Within that specialty are many sub-areas.

For example, some neurologists chose to have a special interest in Parkinson's disease, some deal with spinal cord injury, some branch into movement disorders or cases where a neurology condition is hereditary, etc..


The same applies to other fields. There are orthopaedic surgeons, but some specialise in knees, or hips of whatever bony parts of us they take a special interest in.


Some of courses take a special interest in MS, have completed many further courses and research into MS and most are involved in MS specific drug trials. It therefore follows that once diagnosed, often a 'general neurologist ' will refer patients on to an expert in any particular field.


There is no time limit as to who is referred or when. I guess in general, a neurologist will refer on to an MS specialist when they themselves have reached the limit of their knowledge and then want an expert in that sub-field to take over. Perhaps to discuss DMD's or to discuss a drug trial.


Either way, once referred, you will be in the correct 'sub area' for MS so that's a good thing !


Hope this makes sense.




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They are not brain lesions..........they are just bright ideas


"The truth is out there"

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Thanks both of you

I hope that he can give me something to at least improve my quality of life and allow me to get out of the house. I describe my wobbly head as the feeling you get when you've just got off a waltzer so i hope he gets my drift.

I just feel like I've repeated myself so my times to so many different professionals but got nowhere so here's hoping.

derby x

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