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baclofen pump

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hi I've just been put on a waiting list for a baclofen pump.. has anyone had one? what's your experience been.

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Sorry have had no experience with the Baclofen pump. Have only been on a low dose of Baclofen for a couple of months.


I am sure someone will come along soon who will be able to help you.


Gill x

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Hi Teener and :welcome: to the forum,

I know we have some members who are prescribed Baclofen but not sure if we have any currently who have pumps fitted. Hopefully if there are any they'll see your post and chip in with a reply.


There is a little bit of discussion on Baclofen pumps in an older topic that you may find helpful: http://ms-people.com/forum/topic/17137-intrathecal-baclofen/


You might have already seen it as it is listed under "Similar Topics" underneath this one.

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      I have previously been on Baclofen, taking it the recommended 3 times a day.
      It proved to be problematic, with some unwanted side effects. Side effects I couldn't live with. Wind on a few years and I at the point I really do need something for the spasticity and it is affecting my sleep and making the fatigue much worse. I have spoken with my MS nurse and she has suggested taking Baclofen on an as needed basis rather then religiously taking it 3 times a day. Has any one else tired this and has it worked?
      Has it helped get round the side effects problem? I must admit I am a bit sceptical, but prepared to give it a go, nothing to lose by it. Paul

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      I had be persuaded to give Baclofen another go. I tried it in 2014 and didn't get on with it. Since then I have moved, different health authority, different MS nurse. Since pregabalin didn't cause the same problems when i was previously on it, I figured that perhaps baclofen would be better behaved. Wrong. I have had quite an unpleasant month or so, with no sign of me adapting to it. Admittedly it did have some benefits. It did seem to take a bit of the spasticity from my legs, letting me sleep a bit better. Though if any thing I became more tired.  And dizzy. I suffer from dizziness as it is, but this is getting beyond a joke. It also seemed to have a positive effect on a bit of ED that was beginning to occur. Even allowing for those two benefits, it really has diminished my quality of life.    So I have decided to stop with the baclofen and hopefully regain some of the energy and perhaps reset back to how things were a few months ago. I am expecting a bit of a backlash, but hopefully not too severe or long lasting.   Paul

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    • the pros and cons to a Baclofen pump

      If anyone is considering having a Baclofen pump implanted, I am on my second pump after 6 years on the first one.  I can tell you all my experiences - the good and the bad and the ugly - which might help you make the best decision decision

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      Good afternoon everyone. I started on my copaxone last August and have felt so well since I wished I had done it earlier. At my previous rate I should have had two relapses since then but I am relapse free and life feels good But, I am getting increasing pain in both legs and, sometimes my arms. The muscles feel weak and without strength - for example when I was doing my daughter's hair the other day I had to keep lowering my arms due to pain. My walking is now affected and the muscles hurt at rest. They are particularly bad when I first wake up. They feel stuff and achy but not really "spastic" if you know what I mean. The MS nurse suggested baclofen and my GP has prescribed it but I wondered if anyone had had similar symptoms to these and if the baclofen (or anything else) worked. Any words of wisdom would he gratefully received. Thanks, Sam

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      I've been on Baclofen for 30 years now and am not even sure it's even working now, having become complacent in some ways. I suffer spasms during the night whenever I wake which is not nice for my partner as the bed then shakes with me! My legs are very, very stiff and heavy and go into spasm when they're handled by my partner or carers when I need shoes on for example. I am considering having a BACLOFEN PUMP inserted and wondered what other MS ers experiences were with this?

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