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DLA/PIP Reassessment : Motability Update

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Here's the latest from Motability regarding transitional support if you fail to be awarded enhanced mobility in the upcoming PIP reassessments:-





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John aka Stumbler (as I do fall over!)

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"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... "Wow! What a ride!"

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Interesting information John, Thanks



Just another Warrior...........

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    • DLA/PIP Reassessment - An MP's View

      My MP had a letter from a concerned constituent with MS about the forthcoming re-assessments. His response is here :-   http://www.timloughton.com/hottopics/circular_campaign_responses/item_2013_01_31__03_39_49.htm   And, here's my follow up question :-     I read with interest your response to the constituent, who was concerned about the PIP / DLA re-assessment for people with MS. Primarily, I agree that all disability benefits need to be reassessed, as there does seem to be some questionable situations. An across-the-board reassessment is the only equitable way forward. But, as an MS sufferer myself, I have heard horror stories of ESA re-assessments, where a 12 month decision on MS sufferers has been made. Now, MS is incurable and, with the present budgetary deficit, will stay that way for some considerable time.   So, if ATOS believe MS will improve, or be cured in 12 months, what hope do we have for a reasonable re-assessment for PIP awards?   It's good to hear that assessors "will be required to have a broad training in disability analysis as well as access to information on specific impairments and conditions". I would suggest that this an absolute minimum requirement and appears to have been lacking in some ESA re-assessments. Having the right people in the right places in private contracts is always a challenge. Look at G4S and the Olympics!   You should be aware that stress is a major contributory factor in the progression of MS. This impending DLA / PIP situation, following on from the ESA re-assessments, is already negatively affecting MS sufferers, making their lives even more challenging.   I'd really like some categoric assurances that myself and my fellow MS sufferers will be dealt with professionally, courteously and compassionately. We have enough on our plates already!   I can't wait for the reply.  

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    • Motability advice, need help

      Hey all,   I was wondering if you could help me at all, mum currently has a electric wheelchair from Route2mobility, she has had it for 9 months and it has caused us nothing but trouble, 2 battery packs, one suspension strut and 7 different callouts later and its still junk with a supposed capacity for 15 miles (that has never done more that 3 and a half without running out of power) The NHS has now decided that mum is entitled to a chair, which is more suitable for her needs, and mum and her doctor think a motability car would be more benefical in the long term, but is it possible to change over?, because route2mobility is giving us no information whatsoever.   Thank you for any advice you may be able to offer

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    • motability car/informing DVLA

      Hello! Newbie alert :)   Hoping you can help meon this one - apologies in advance, it may be a long one!   Think I will do this in bullet form, as I do tend to go round the houses to explain things, and will probably confuse you as well as myself lol   9th Nov 09 white floater in my left eye, terrible headache, never had one like it or since. Over the course of 4 days lost sight completley in left eye.   13th Nov 09 went to walk in eye clinic - sent for an MRI scan. Optic Neurotis mentioned - of course looked up on the web and made the MS connnection!     Sight came back over about 3/4 weeks. I then had a numbness from chest down to my legs - as tho I was coming round from an op, sometimes feel like theres a very tight belt round my stomach - My feet also felt very strange - as tho I wouldn't know if I was wearing socks or not.   Early Jan 10 went to GP to see if he could speed up the neurologist appt, as I now had this numbness. He did write to the Neuro, who replied that he could not bring the appt forward, but suggested GP refered me directly to MS Clinic to speed things up. It seems very likely MS   18.2.10 Appt to see MS neuro (MS Clinic) Different Hospital, so didnt have access to the MRI scan. Sent for chest xray to eliminate anything else, also blood tests. Neuro to get copy of scan. In the meantime MS nurse will contact me this week.   With hindsight I am very sure that 2/3 separate episodes of not being able to walk properly - thinking I had a virus during 09 must have been some sort of 'attack'.   Today, I went to the orginal appt, and thankfuly the neuro, who is not MS specific, had a copy of the MRI scan - he is going to send a copy to the MS Neuro. Each of my symptons on their own would not point to MS but all of them together do.   Since yesterday afternoon, my tounge has gone numb and this morning woke up and my lips/chin numb and tingling.     Onto my question re DVLA   My 13 yr old daughter receives the higher rate mobility and care. I am looking into getting a motability car. I have more or less made up my mind that we will go for a Renault Grand Scenic, and have test driven an automatic, (never driven one before in my life lol) I know I have to inform DVLA, but is that when I have the official diagnosis? Am worried the DVLA would take my licence, then I'd be in a right mess, as I need a car to be able to take my daugher out and about, and for me too! Also I don't want to sign up to get the mobility car, only for DVLA to say I can't drive! Think I may be overreacting, as from reading on here, I think I am right in saying they would prob write to the neuro and let me carry on driving... and possibly give me a 3 year licence?   I am sposed to be getting back to the motability bloke to let him know what I'm doing.... should I go for it!   See, told you I went round the houses lol Any advice welcome ;-) Thankyou x

      in General Discussion about MS

    • Motability

      My Toyota Yaris had a little oil leak and I took it in to Toyota under warranty. It also has a little water leak from the rear screen washer so its going to go back in at the end of the month too. While I was waiting around in the showroom, I started looking at cars and their motability rep started talking to me. I said I was thinking about Motabiliy but would probably run my Yaris for a couple of years. He pointed out that I would get more for my Yaris if I sold it and got a Motability car now.   OK he's a salesman and really only wants to sell another car but at the same time he has a point. In a couple of years I will have about 72,000 miles on the clock. Not only that but he thinks I would do better with a Diesel Yaris rather than the Petrol I have now. They do about 50-60mpg. I am currently getting 42mpg.   The only downside to this idea is that I do 27000 miles more than the Motability people allow. They will charge me about

      in General Discussion about MS

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