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body temperature ?

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does ms play a part in body temperature ? I have no cold or flu symptons always feeling the cold,ive got the heating on full ,and family are moaning its too hot !!,and stripped of to the bare minium !! tc guys xx

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Hi Sharron

Hope you had a good trip? Yes my body's thermostat is broken. I'm either freezing or boiling hot, no happy medium at all. Don't know if it's connected to the ms, but never used to be this awkward (well in temp terms anyway!). Not got any helpful tips, hopefully someone else will?!

Hope you warm up soon


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Crafty Cow

Hi Sharron,


Despite not having a dx myself, one of the things that was evident, but didn't realize just how much it was linked, was my inability to control my body temperature. Some days I can only get warm by having a bath, but equally, I can have a cup of tea in the morning, and feel like I am going to spontaneously combust, and have to go and stand outside to cool down. Last winter I would come in from the cold and walk around in my coat for about an hour before I could brave taking it off foe fear of being cold. I can't tolerate the central heating on too warm as it makes my symtoms worse. So now, what I do is set it so it's tolerably low, takes the edge off the cold, but not enough to have a negative effect on my symptoms, and if I am cold I just run a bath and get in for a ten minutes whilst I warm back up again.


It's all good fun isn't it eh?


Sam xx

Follow me, you can follow me....and I, I will not desert you..............

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Yup it dose with me too


i have problems when its hot or cold ,

there is a little HERE . about it


Mal x

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thanks guys for the replys ,my son has told me off a thermal blanket so I will invest in one of them.i had a amazing time lala didn't want to come back home,paying for it now tho !! lol xx

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The Dragonfly

Hi Sharron,


I have this problem, but when I am too hot, my symptoms come out in force. Really fatigued and my fingers get red, painful and hot. I need to hold ice packs to cool them down. But I also do not like too much cold. My feet are constantly ice cold. Tried the bath to get them warm, but my feet don't like too much heat, go figure, very weird.


Been in town today, where everyone was wearing large coats, i was in a thin top made of a special material to keep me cool . I stuck out like a sore thumb. It was beautiful and warm outside. Where's the snow........



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