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Neurologist Letter

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I received the neurologists letter earlier this week.


He clearly listened and understood me very well and relays that in the letter.


He says that I fulfil all the criteria for CFS. He says he is unsure if the pain etc would fall within the spectrum of Fibromyalgia but in view of the severity he would like me to be referred to rheumatologist to exclude a significant rheumatological condition.


He said there were inconsistent distal sensory changes to pinprick and temperature.


He says in view of the patchy, unilateral nature of the neurological symptoms he is referring me for an MRI of the brain.


He's recommending I try Duloxetine?


Any comments appreciated.


Generally though, I feel that at least I am being taken seriously and they are covering all areas.

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Hi Katie


I really do hope they are listening to you ,SOME YEARS i was DX

with Fibromyalgia and all the way through the following years i was presenting

classic MS symptoms to doctors and they were putting it down to fibro, i knew there

was something else going on but couldn't get anyone to listen , i was DX with MS after

a lot of the damage had already been done and could have been prevented .

im just saying you know your own body best !



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Hello Katie,


Well, your neurologist is certainly covering bases and yes, he clearly listend to you.


By referring you to a Rhumatologist he is asking them, in effect to check for fibromyalgia and any related conditions, and the Rhumatologist is the best placed person to rule this in or out, so that's good news.


Duloxetine, although primarily an anti-depressant can be used to control pain, like many other drugs its uses are many fold, pain control is just one of them. Example is Gabapentin, primarily used in epilepsy but can also control pain. The duloxetine may well help your pain and help you sleep too.


He's also recommending an MRI, which, is something else that will assist him in getting all the jigsaw pieces in place.


I'd say this letter is a positive one and you are on the right road in finding out what is going on with you.



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They are not brain lesions..........they are just bright ideas


"The truth is out there"

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All positive news Katie,


I can't add much, only to say that learning and understanding more about your condition will help you massivly

Just another Warrior...........

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Hi Katie


Looks like he has listened and taken you seriously, by ordering an MRI and referring you to a Rheumy, so in my opinion I take that as a positive.


Good luck with your appointment.



Live for today.......never have regrets

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