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Struggling with everything

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I am sorry to be a pain and to be asking for some advice/support. I have written on here a few times, but not for a while. It all started in 2012 (I think) , I had a week of bad headaches, then one day whilst on my way to work noticed one of my legs was very weak, couldn't walk properly, walk up or downstairs. I saw an out of hours gp who prescribed strong painkillers. As soon as my normal doctors was open saw a GP and they sent me straight to a&e. Once there had CT, blood tests etc. They did an urgent referal to a neurologist, long story short they found no issues, MRI came back normal. I also had a test where they measure electrical impulses from brain to hands/feet. Again all normal. So I was discharged, basically told no know cause and it will get better on its own.


Fast forward a bit, I started participating in sport again, playing football and running. I took up running and in space of a year I ran a number of 10k, half-marathons and I my first marathon. However the marathon didnt go as planned, physically I went to pot and walked-jogged for whole of last 13 miles. Not sure what was wrong. After the marathon (weeks after) I was really unwell physically, I could hardly stand at times, bad fatigue, blurred vision etc. I had to go private and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and given medication.


I then went from 16 hours of work to 39 hours and in a more responsible position. I have done 2 full months. However at the weekend I was at work and noticed that what happened to my leg two years ago had happened again, I felt really unwell, headache, plus I have shaking arms (this has been going on months) etc. I went to a&e who sent me to out of hours GP who said I need to see my own GP. Saw them and they have refered me back to neurology. I don't have a clue as to what is going on, out of hours GP just said that MS needs to be ruled out again, even though it was ruled out last time it may need to be ruled out again.


I haven't been at work this week apart from one day and I can't face going, aswell as feeling ill I am struggling with my mental health issues. I don't know what to do at all. I came of all benefits 2 months ago, so if I cut my hours (which work will not be happy about) I will be struggling. I cannot even face going in for shorter hours.


Just dont know what to do, feel all over the place.

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Well smile you dont feel like smiling at the moment. Listen to your body and dont start doing marathons or anything energetic, just gentle exercise. stretching etc. They will not label you with MS unless they are absolutely sure, have a look at a fibromyalgia site and treat yourself gently and as if you have fibro, eating well resting often, avoid stress and what I found good although I dont stick to it is going to bed at the same time everynight and getting up the same time every morning . No I have not got fibro, even though I have questioned it but a lot of my symptoms are like fibro. I was diagnosed 15 year ago and like many have had MS longer than diagnosis. Do make sure you keep going back to the medical people until you have every test there is and get a cause for your discomfort. (sorry discomfort sounds as if I am making light of it) Soon it will turn to discomfort but then do not race around like a mad hatter. relax........keep us in touch x

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      So a 2nd opinion has confirmed dx of RRMS some 18 months after the original dx.  I'm still having trouble accepting it but admit I finally have to.  Events and stress have exacerbated symptoms over the past few months and whilst I'm still not 100% convinced, it does seem more than coincidental that I should be feeling so unwell at possibly the worst time in my life.   I feel as though I've ground to a halt both physically and mentally right now. Have said goodbye to a job I recently started  because I just can't make it into the office. Living on painkillers and alcohol, not a good combo I know, but helps me at the moment and to hell with the consequences. I keep reading about the importance of looking after one's mental health and how it can affect / be affected by MS, but there seems very little support from an MS team point of view, ie there is no MH professional as part of the team. Has anyone else found this?  It's all very well focussing on the physical aspects of MS and treatments, but not much good if the psychological side is ignored and ends up killing you first.   Probably should give the MS nurse a call but I don't want to be told it's another pseudo-relapse and made to feel as though I'm wasting her time. There's nothing they can do about it anyway. I feel very alone with this.

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      Hello everybody. Sorry about the long post. I'm new here and think you all sound lovely. My problem is that I am still going to the Drs. regularly with one thing or another. Two years ago I was really ill and was eventually diagnosed with hyperparathyroidisim (too much calcium) and I had one of my parathyroids removed. Since the operation, I have not felt right. I have chronic pains in my legs and joints - they feel tingly and numb sometimes.(treated as arthritis and given tablets and physio) Some days I can hardly walk because my legs feel like jelly and my right leg trembles. My memory is shocking and has become a bit of a family joke (in a nice sort of way). My sons have mentioned that my words get mixed up and sometimes I can't find the word I need. I have sufferred from agrophobia and panic attacks and have seriously thought about suicide when I was at my worse. ( diagnosed as depression - more tablets and CBT) I can't remember certain events that my family talk about eg places we went on holiday, days out and I know this is getting worse. Within the last 6 months I started to suffer dizzy spells and balance problems (treated as labyrinthitus - given tablets). I went to Drs 6 weeks later as it was still ocurring and she held her finger up and asked me to follow it left to right and then up and down. I did the wallking things and nearly fell over. She said she thought it was an ear infection and nothing wrong with my brain. (more tablets) This is getting worse and in the last 2 weeks, I have fallen over 3 times. The last time was awful as I fell onto a small fence and bruised both of my thighs and hurt my back. I also fell over when I was pegging the washing out - i reached up to the line and overbalanced when I looked up. To be honest I feel really desparate because I don't know what is happening to me. I feel as though the Dr thinks I'm a hypochondriac and the last time I went she said that I should get a job there as I was there as much as she was. Now I am reluctant to go back even though I feel dreadful and just keep getting a repear prescription. Don't know what it is but suspect it might be something that links all of these symptoms. Not sure how to take this forward. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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