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is this an ms symptom?

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Hi all ,


New to this forum , have not been diagnosed with ms and basically have been wondering if this is an ms symptom.


Was driving home from work about 6 weeks ago and my middle , third and little finger tips on my right hand started to hurt as if they were bruised.

About half an hour later the exact same finger tips on my left hand started to feel exactly the same. It has lasted for about 5 weeks and then started to rectify but is still there a bit . Its just my fingertips and not my whole fingers and just the last three on each hand.

Very strange.

My question does ms present symmetrically like this?





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Hi James and welcome to the forum



ive had what you describe on one hand but not the other before ,


does ms present symmetrically? i suppose when it gets into the spinal cord it will do ,

i was also told ms lesions on the spine causes sensory problems , so maybe this was happening

to your hands , i dont realy know , maybe somebody will come along that knows better



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Hello James,


Welcome to the MS people forums.


It's almost impossible to say what are MS symptoms, and what aren't. There are many reasons for this....

1. Many symptoms seen in MS overlap or are the same as symptoms experienced in many other conditions. Such as , vitamin deficiencies, circulation problems, trapped nerves, thyroid conditions.....and hundreds of other conditions.

2. Even people with confirmed MS experience vastly different symptoms. We all have the same disease, but we all experience a vast array of different symptoms,

3. MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, even the best neurologists ( and only a neurologist can diagnose MS) sometimes have a hard time reaching a diagnosis. For most of us, from first symptoms to diagnosis can be many months or even years. The reasons being as above,


I gather it's pretty unusual for symptoms to be symmetrical. It's always either one side or the other. I have two fingers on my left hand that went numb a few months ago, and they are still numb, but the other hand is fine. My left leg is often painful then numb, but my right leg has always been fine.


Best advice I can give you is to see your GP, get referred to a neurologist and possibly begin the long road of tests and more tests.


Meanwhile, keep a note of when each symptom started, and for how long each symptom lasted for, it can be helpful further down the road when trying to piece everything together.




They are not brain lesions..........they are just bright ideas


"The truth is out there"

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Mine used to be symetrical before dx as a gp told me you cant have ms because you dont get it on both sides at once, I did. Since then though my sides have taken turns on relapses. Do keep a diary as this may go away and you may get other bizarre symptoms. Hopefully its not MS, you could have carpal tunnel, especially if you use a keyboard with both hands. Try doing some pressups on the floor or a wall getting your hands to be at right angles so you get a good stretch, hard to explain but give it a go.

Like scully said could be many things or something that may resolve itself.

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