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More benefit changes to PIP system

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Hello All,


As if we haven't got enough to cope with...the government whO are still trying to claw back money are hitting us disabled people again!


They did a U turn on the tax credit, so think it's a case of 'let's hit the disabled mob again'




Think it's disgraceful




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They are not brain lesions..........they are just bright ideas


"The truth is out there"

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Absolutely! I seem to recall IDS rubbing his hands in glee during last years budget (over benefit cuts). This is a dangerous time for us! What I mean is that it can be very damaging if we get too upset by this. It's totally unfair, but life is like that. A more positive approach is to take a proactive stance and stand up for all disabled. There are many ways to do this and it all helps to drive a nail into the coffin of self centred right wing politics. To be political about things is very emotive but I must say that with the up and coming referendum on the EU , I for one am keen to remain in, as the EU is clearly based on social principles and disabled people are already protected to a degree by EU legislation, rather than UK. No coincidence then that both our justice minister (Gove) and the person in charge of the DHS (IDS) are both advocates of an 'OUT vote. If we remain in then a lot of these people will disappear from politics, along with their 'principles'

Just another Warrior...........

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They have to pay for their pay rise somehow.

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I just commented on this on the other thread, rotten!

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