I suspect these days lots of folk use Facebook rather than forums, but it feels pretty quiet around here just now. I'm one of those people who, so far anyway, have shied away from social media. That probably gives away my age, but still, I do rather prefer the old fashioned internet forum. This forum has been brilliant and I do hope people will continue to use it as I know lots of you have such great insights into what it means to have MS, a subject that can be passed on to people who have just been thrown into the deep end. Not just that, as a community we are fairly wide spread and direct contact is often difficult. That make this place special to me anyway! I like the fact that we all have such diverse backgrounds, ages, a and different interests.   Anyway, right now I'm just pleased the spring has arrived and that the dark days of winter are passed. It's been a rather tough year for us but as always, with things like that, things have started to calm down and we are looking forward to trying to arrange some kind of proper holiday, which last year we rather failed to do. Arranging such things when you have MS I have found to be a bit difficult. Luckily for me Kay always goes to great lengths to avoid stressful situations for me. Last year we did manage to get away with a carefully planned driving trip abroad. My car is fully adapted with left foot accelerator and steering ball. It also has the wonderful invention of adaptive cruise control, which is an absolute godsend. All this does not avoid the problem of my lack of 'mental ability' to drive any distance. Kay also drives, but even then we have to break down the distance depending on difficulty, that I am safe to achieve. Lat year we broke down the distances between overnight stops to around 150 miles. Slow but sure and with my scooter also making the trip, things were looking good. Unfortunately that's not quite how it turned out, and for other, unrelated reasons the holiday was not really a success. This year we shall try again, so keep your fingers crossed!   So come on, what have you been up to?   Nick