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Very scared and in Limbo

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Hi there. I’m from

the USA. So right now I am scared and so is my wife. Here’s my story. 


For the last three years, I’ve noticed that my memory isn’t great (although the change is very mild). My balance didn’t seem to be what it used to be either (although that too was mild, and I was lifting heavy weights and running with no problem).


Around Dec 22, 2018, I got a weird headache in my left temple— three mild pulses every half hour or so. The left side of my face went slightly numb. A day later, the numbness subsided and I got mild lightheaded was and felt off balance. No one could see me walking different or anything but I could feel it and knew it wasn’t right. This lasted three weeks straight, with occasional tingling in my right foot and right hand.


This past Tuesday Jan 14,2019, the dizziness ended. Then my right hand and right foot started getting tingling, itching, and patches of slight numbness. The left side of my face also became slightly numb once again (although barely perceptible.) the tingling and itching moved up and down my right leg, and reappeared in my right hand, never staying in any one place. Then the tingling moved to my left hand and my right is fine. Yesterday and today I have had very mild but perceptible muscle twitches in my right leg. I think my right leg feels a little more tired than my left, although I am not sure if I’m imagining it. I can still do single legged squats and so forth with my right leg and as of today I am walking fine, although every day my right leg seems to have some new symptom/involvement. My left leg muscles may now also be twitching. 


So I did a TON of googling and I really can’t find anything that fits these symptoms except MS. Other things replicate some but not all of the symptoms.  It seems like at my age it would probably be PPMS too. My grandmother on my mom’s side had severe PPMS, was confined to a wheelchair, then bed, lost the use of her arms, lost the ability to speak, and died. 


I have an appointment with my GP Monday. I have always been a brave man but honestly right now I am really scared. My wife is also terrified. I know I am jumping the gun but I can’t seem to help it. MS scared me so much. 

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Oh, also I’m male and turned 44 in Late December. 

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@Thinker17 , I can understand your concern. We just expect our bodies to act normally and when they don't........


Dr. Google is never a good medic to consult. You shouldn't try to self-diagnose and, similarly, we won't either. What I would say is that your "symptoms" do present in MS, but they do also present in a myriad of other conditions, from a simple vitamin deficiency onwards.


Your GP is the first port of call. So, until Monday, just rest up and take it easy. Lighten up on the exercise and stop catastrophising, it really doesn't help whatsoever. In fact, it can, and does, make things worse.



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John aka Stumbler (as I do fall over!)

Illegitimi non carborundum


"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... "Wow! What a ride!"

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Hi there,


Firstly , welcome to the forum,


The worry can be frightening but it sounds like you may be getting a little ahead of yourself.  Good news that you have an appointment arranged, this should start a series of investigations as to what is actually wrong.  

MS does have a small genetic factor but is, in itself, a wide ranging condition which affects each of us very differently. It is not an automatic sentence to severe disability and may have a very gradual progressive nature.  It's far to early to start worrying about which type of MS (if that's what it is) this could be.  I was diagnosed at the age of 53 and have SPMS, I am now coming up for 64 and while, it has made a big difference to my life, it in no way feels like any kind of death sentence,  

My advice would be to concentrate on what the doctors tell you, take it one step at a time and try, try try to de-stress, difficult I know but that factor alone is important,








Just another Warrior...........

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Vegged Out

Hello @Thinker17 and :welcome:to this board.


As Stumbler & Nick have already indicated, being diagnosed with MS is rarely a simple journey and it will affect your emotions.


It is relatively easy for those of us further on our own MS paths but our common advice would seem to be Don't Panic. As it says below my signature, learning to take each day as it comes is your priority.


Before you see your GP, here's something to occupy you. Write a list of all your symptoms so far. Write a second list of your fears/questions. And have someone with you who can make notes about your doctor's comments/actions. You will be listening and reacting to your GP. So trying to remember it all at the same time is too much for the best of us.


Once you have written your lists, lay them aside and relax. Music, TV drama or documentaries, reading (not about MS) and just enjoying each day, are actually the most important things ever! 


I am glad your googling led you here but I suggest, for now, you only explore the Resourceson this site as they come from trusted sites and experts. It's unrealistic to say Don't Research because that is a normal reaction but you've already


19 hours ago, Thinker17 said:

So I did a TON of googling and I really can’t find anything that fits these symptoms except MS.

and yet you are clearly panicking about the, so far, unknown. Pack your worries away on those lists.


Keep in touch. We are a supportive bunch and we care about others experiencing anything that may or may not be MS. You are definitely in Limboland and the only passport out of there is Truth and that might take time.



Shirley  "one day at a time"


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      Hi everyone, Hope it's ok for me to post here?? Quick Intro - I'm a 50 ish  Mum of 2 plus husband and neurotic Border Collie! Currently under investigation for 'Neuro Inflammation' Acute symptoms earlier this year saw me in A&E,eventually ended up on Neuro Ward for 5 days, was given 3 days IV Steroids & discharged with MRI results of 1 x non enhanced and 1 x enhanced spinal cord lesions, 'non specific' white matter changes in brain and Lumbar Puncture results pending.   Got letter today from Neuro, part of which reads:    "The lumbar puncture demonstrated 6 white cells, no red cells, a CSF protein in the normal range at 0.72 and a normal CSF glucose at 3 with a blood glucose of 4.5. There were oligoclonal bands seen in the CSF only which is supportive of an inflammatory explanation for your neurological problems, and suggests that the area of abnormality seen in the spinal cord was due to demyelination.
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