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Errors and inaccuracies in medical records

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I recently saw my NHS medical records for the first time and was quite surprised to see I'd apparently had a minor op that I'd never had, amongst other inaccuracies. However, my GP told me that these can't be removed or amended. Apparently, all they can do is add a note to say something along the lines of that I've disagreed with that particular entry, after I've put it in writing to them.

Maybe not all GPs are fully aware of what's in the following link, and/or of the reference "1" at the bottom of the page?


Practices could find themselves fielding more queries from patients about the contents of their medical records following the introduction of the GDPR. The MDU's Dr Carol Chu...


As an example: sometimes, incorrect data might the result of a doctor or specialist not hearing properly. Eg, I once had a specialist (not MS related) enter on his report letter that I'd had symptoms since 1974, which wasn't at all true. When I told him it was more like 1997, he insisted it was 1974 because that's what I told him. I had quite an argument with him before he amended his letter, as he kept insisting that what he "heard" must be correct.


Have any of you seen your medical records and found any errors or inaccuracies? If so, were you successfully able to get them amended?


(belated DX in June '05, SPMS)

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