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New symptoms and scary

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I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2014.

Until the last 6 months, I have been coming down with fever so bad it puts me in bed for days and nights. I'm taking Aubagio 14mg daily. It's really starting to change my life. My gp is useless and does not listen. Neither does my ms nurse  . Nothing gets investigated and I feel so let down.

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So my question is, does anyone else have fever like this every few weeks? I'm so cold, shaking, sweating so much my bf is changing sheets around me. Sleeping for hours. Shaking all night. I just need answers xx

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Hi @Chell1184! , does this tend to go with your monthly cycle? It's just that you body does go through temperature changes as you go through your cycle and this temperature change can play havoc with your MS. This is known as Uhthoff's Phenomenon. 


It may not be that, but you need to try and identify if there is any specific triggers that you can identify. It may be a reaction to the Aubagio, so you may want to stop that for a week or two and see how you feel. Then you can decide to start again to confirm the connection.


Have a bit of sympathy for your GP. They are a General Practitioner, so can be completely out of their depth with MS. But, do keep your MS Nurse in the loop if you decide to stop the Aubagio and how successful this is. It's not that unusual to suddenly start having side-effects from a Disease Modify Therapy ( DMT) after tolerating it without a problem.




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