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What’s next after Fingolimod?

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Hi all,

 I’ve been on Fingolimod for the past couple of years but after my latest relapse I am having another MRI and the consultants are talking about a stronger treatment.

Can anyone tell me if they have come off Fingolimod and moved on to a stronger medication and what that medication was?



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@JamesI You might find this tool useful that specifies all the Disease Modifying Therapies ( DMTs) in groups of efficiency :-


Filter, compare and select treatments for relapsing MS


However, it would be your Neurologist, who specifies their choice, unless you specify a personal choice together with compelling reasons for that choice.

You might want to contact your MS Nurse, who might be able to advise about the Neuro's usual thinking. They might also be able to comment on the required Gilenya (Fingolimod) washout period and whether an interim DMT may be required.



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Thanks for the reply, the link was very helpful.

I had the MRI 4 days ago so just waiting for the results now.

It looks like an intravenous treatment could be next, none of which look very appealing, but I’ll let the consultant decide which one, saves me worrying about it.

I’ve had the washout before, Fingolimod is the third DMD I’ve been on, I put it in orange juice and it’s fine.

Thanks for your help,





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