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Report on MS/Covid 19 Study

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Just thought you would all be interested in this



In the early phases of the UK COVID-19 outbreak, in the absence of clear evidence about the risks for people with multiple sclerosis (pwMS) and those taking immunomodulatory disease-modifying therapies (DMT), we launched a...



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Just another Warrior...........

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      Hi everyone   MS-SMART study still have spaces for their latest research into using known drugs in MS. They are looking for people with Secondary Progressive MS. They are repurposing three drugs and the deadline is April 2016. I don't know whether any of you might want to participate, but I have just received this information so have a look and see what you think.   http://www.omstc.org/2016/03/ms-smart-study-100-go-inbox-x/   Happy Easter everyone!   Great Dane x

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      Reading this report from a supposed ms speacilist i have gone past crying to wanting beat his brains to now laughing the more i read and take it in the more im thinking his for real. I have a few neurologist due to the fact no one seems to have clue so i have been passed from department to department. The report confirms a negative rombergs test and convergenec in both eyes with IMO not related to ms and a list of eight other symptons one being a new thing both hips have a mild flexion weakness. Since 2002 they have know this but failed to tell me so now i am stunned im i stupid or should a neurologist know someone who deals with brain and spinal disease when there is significant symptons. Can any you help i would gladly answer any questions       HAZEXX

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