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Body temperature

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Hello friends

I am a student and i believe i have found a treatment i hope we can ask the medical board to allow.

I believe that adjusting body temperature will help in treating MS.

Just like when a person goes outside when its cold.

They forget about what they were thinking and focus on the cold.

The reason is their veins get more narrow which stores more oxygen and makes them focus.

I am having made a needle that adjusts blood temperature so veins are more narrow and stores more oxygen. The needle also heats up the blood and releases oxygen.

It makes a person warm when its cold outside and cold when its warm.

Theres no drugs.

Its only a needle that heats and cools blood.

I only ask for advocates to ask the medical board to allow the device to be used.

I promise it will help a lot.

Please reply 

I hope you like what I share


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@Jamesmatheson , heat (and cold) sensitivity are known symptoms of MS that can cause issues, so a device to regulate our core body temperature seems like an obvious solution.

However, this Forum is specifically for UK Msers, so I'm not sure how we can help with your development in Canada. Although, I wish you well with it.



John aka Stumbler (as I do fall over!)

Illegitimi non carborundum


"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... "Wow! What a ride!"

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I'm a redhead so we have odd issues.  Core temp - changes too easily - give me a hot drink and I'm boiling.  Cold drinks - freezing.  I hate cold drinks, bar  white wine (lol) and prefer water at room temp.  I love hot baths though.  Helps the sore back ... a legacy issue.  And also any spasmed muscles!  Oh, YES.  


Also, heat and cold pain, is a thing with redheads. We really are a different phenotype. We even smell differently.  Our skin is more acidic and different bugs grow on us.  But we can't half handle chilli.  No one knows why. But GIVE US CHILLI!   We also need 25% more anaesthetic and there's not a redhead in my family that's not woken under it.  Me included, a dental anaesthesia.  


I have also been diagnosed with skinny veins that roll, so they run away from the needle.  The only people I have confidence in to get bloods from me are midwives.  They do LOTS of blood takes.  A consultant once when I was PG with twins had to resort to the back of my hand and went right through to the other side and I was close to punching her.  When I was in the RAF, in a fast jet, the negative G used to make the pilot pass out and I'd be there in the back (for purposes of fault Dx) , with those bands squeezing my legs, wide awake and hands ON.  What FUN!



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