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DVLA Form Advice Please

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Hi Everyone


I am about to fill in the DVLA form and I've got to 2 sections where I'm not sure what to put down. They are:


"Do you have serious problems with your memory or poor concentration"




"Do you have problems with fatigue? If so, tell us how it affects you when driving and during your normal day"


My main symptoms are fatigue,bad memory and concentration, but how bad is "serious"? I am about to be tested in the next 2 weeks, do you think I should wait till then? I don't drive very far now because of the fatigue and I just take things easy and do things in small amounts with a rest in between, but is this suitable to put down or will they take it to the extreme?


Has anyone else put something down for these questions and what type of thing did you say?





Life has become abstract


Jill (aka Smudge)

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I think you need to put the form aside for a moment and just ask yourself how safe am I on the road. Do you believe you are safe when you do drive?

They are going to ask your doctor anyway. They don't just rely on your opinion.

Now if you really believe you are safe to drive then answer the question no I don't have a serious problem with poor concentration. If you are unsure then that's really the same as not safe. Can you give up driving for a while? Its better we decide this for ourselves rather than find out by having a serious accident.


When I filled in my form I answered no to both questions. The first was easy, my concentration is fine, my memory is fine.

The second question is badly worded but made my answer easier. Do I have a problem with fatigue? No. I have fatigue but I don't have a problem with it. They don't ask "Do I suffer from fatigue?".


They will ask your doctor and test you if necessary. The form is simply asking you your opinion. You can't give a "wrong" answer.




John :cheerleader3:

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