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[SURVEY] What medication are you taking and for what symptoms?

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Mark is taking:


LDN 2.25ml (liquid)

Tolteradine to stop urine urgency

2 drops peppermint oil 2x day (in hot water)to stop indegestion.

Linseeds added to porridge (to help soften stools)

Ascorbic acid 500 mg daily

Starflower oil 500 mg daily

Omega 3 1000 mg daily

MSM 4 x 750 mg daily(helps digestion and stiffness)


If things get bad then he occasionally uses lactulose and Gaviscon!!


debz xx


Hi I've just join the M S Club!!

I'm very interested in your choices.

I've been taken peppermint infusions to help with the digestion and I am also taking Serra Peptase, sorry not got the bottle with me. I have had good results with this little, I can not pick up a plate, cup, glass and cut my food up without terrible pain!!

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Baclofen = Spasms, I found they took a while to start working and i have had to have maximum dose to get any benifit out of them but yes they are helping me loads..


Deazepam= spasms and anxiety, I started on a high dose when all my symptoms started but ive managed to come off them and just take these when my symptoms flare up.. yes they do work but wouldnt want to become reliant on them..


Tramodol= for the pain, they work great for me as they are the only pain killer that actually work when pain gets really bad.


Antibiotics= perminant for bladder/kidney infections


Codeine + paracetamol =pain


Gabapentin = burning pain



Rachy xx

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i have been on a DMD (Betaferon) for 3 weeks now and I have to say I am thinking of giving them up, I have to take ibruprofen and paracetamol to combat the side effects of the drug and am trying varies creams to help sooth the injection site reactions.


Apart from that I only take thyroid medication


but hey :blush3: so ill give a few more days

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Hello, just joined this month, June 2013. I would like the medics to be more willing to try treatments to see what works, especially while m.s. continues to be a little understood condition.

I take Low Doae Naltrexone at night, 4.5 mg on private prescription (as local NHS won't provide!) I take it to help with fatigue, mood and boost immune system.

For general health I take supplements from Nature's Best e.g. calcium, vitamin D. Saw a neurologist nearly 2 yrs ago & said I needed some treatment to help manage the symptoms - fatigue, weakness and poor balance. He would only prescribe modafinyl - a drug prescribed for narcolepsy - I said no.

Thanks for asking an interesting question.

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Paracetamol + Naproxen = General Pain

Mepradec = Anti inflammatory to help with Naproxen

Tramadol = Back Pain

Pregabalin = Muscle & tissue Pain

Dantrolene & Amitriptyline = Muscle Spasms & to help me sleep free from more pain


Was taking Copaxone but received more pain from injecting than i had to deal with before injecting so quit it. Am quite sad that it didnt work as I was looking forward to being relatively relapse free & maybe having a reasonable future.


Had tried Avonex for 5 yrs only to find side effects continued to become worse instead of getting better over time so stopped that too.

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