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I love snow it makes everyone walk like me.....

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Hello everyone I was beginning to feel that humour had vanished but feel happy to have found people who like to laugh as I do at this stupid condition. I am currently skidding around in the snow and look like everyone else when I fall over. I am currently trying to build up my core strength which may help with some of my balance issue (so I'm told). If you ever come across a determined looking lady getting up from her chair then immediately sitting down its me and YES that is one of my exercises it does wear me out but I will keep doing it :lol4: .

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Good for you,Reedee. I hope you don't show your bum every time you stand up though like your emoticon!

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Hi there and Welcome,


:censored: @ your loving the snow, as it makes other look like you.


I hope you enjoy being part of a friendly forum






Michelle :lol4:

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:censored: Reedee


Have to say I am thoroughly sick of the sight of snow right now though the one benefit of the fresh falls overnight was that it covered up the giant penis :lol4: that the local youths had drawn in the field at the front of our house :censored:

Life is short. Eat dessert first. Jacques Torres

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