The MS Trust


The MS Trust has made this discussion group available for people in the United Kingdom who have Multiple Sclerosis or who have a personal interest in MS.

The Trust sees this list as an opportunity for the UK MS community to share its expertise and to support those new to MS.

Before contacting a list moderator for help, please read the below first, in case the answer to your question is here.

How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe
What to do if you're bouncing
What to do if you're in autoresponder status
Registering for a Yahoo ID

How to SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE or change your Delivery Options

You can also do all of the above ONLINE at: "YahooGroups" IF you have a Yahoo ID (see below)

Please Note:
It may take a while for any changes made to one's subscription to take effect, ie switching to No Mail, back to Individual Messages, as well as when Subscribing or Unsubscribing. These changes may be immediate, or they may take a few hours or even a few days. We can only ask that you please bear with it, irritating and frustrating as these delays are.

The list moderators have no control over these mail problems... Yahoo is an automated computerised system with well over a million groups, and sometimes things like mail settings and delivery can take a little while to get through the Yahoo database.


If you stop receiving messages from your lists - or if ever you should ever receive a message from YahooGroups with a subject line "Please Re-Activate Your YahooGroups Account" - it means your email address is bouncing with YahooGroups. This means that all messages sent to you from all the mailing lists you are subscribed to at YahooGroups are being returned to Yahoo as undeliverable because either your mailbox is full (usually a "soft" bounce), or there is a temporary problem with your ISP (a "soft" or "hard" bounce). Yahoo does this to prevent any further problems with your mail server. Not only will you not receive messages from all your lists at YahooGroups, you will not be able to post to any of your groups.

If you are bouncing, you should eventually receive an email from YahooGroups called: "Please Re-activate your YahooGroups account". You will only receive this if your mailbox is not full. If you do get such a message, please Reply to that message by email (click "Reply"). Send that reply back to YahooGroups without changing anything.

Or you can unbounce yourself online if you have a Yahoo ID (see below):

  • Go to the YahooGroups website at and log in using your Yahoo ID and password.

  • Then go to the "My Groups" link.

  • Then go to the "Email Preferences" link; you will see a link: "Bounce History".

  • Click on this link, in there will be a link to reset/unbounce your account, follow the instructions there.

YahooGroups' Autoresponder Status

Yahoo will put you in their "autoresponder status" if they think you've posted more than 50 posts within a 20 minute period, or could be 20 posts... Sometimes, Yahoo puts you there for no apparent reason... Once in Yahoo's autoresponder status, your YahooGroups account is disabled and you will not be able to receive mail from Groups or post to Groups.

What to do if you end up in YahooGroups' autoresponder status:

  • The only way to try to get out of this hole is to go here:

  • Next to "Select a product", choose "Groups"

  • Next to "Select a Category", choose "Select sending and receiving messages"

  • Next to "Select a sub-category", choose "sending messages or post in group"

  • In "Briefly tell us how we can help", type in "Autoresponder"

  • A blue envelope with "Email a Support Agent" will appear in the bottom left, allowing you to send a message to Yahoo. Click this envelope.

  • In the message box, explain (without being rude...) what your problem is, eg, that you seem to be locked out of YahooGroups because you're in Autoresponder status, that you're not receiving emails from any of your groups and, if applicable, that you can't post to any of your groups. Also tell them that you're not using an autoresponder but that it's possible you may have sent too many messages too quickly by mistake to your groups and add that you won't do it again.

  • Click Send.

You may get an automated bog standard reply that's of no use or help to you. Just reply to that and keep replying to any more replies until a human being reads your message and gets you out of the autoresponder status or until you find you are starting to get mail again.

Registering for Yahoo ID

  • If you want to be able to access the group online at Yahoo, you will need to register for a Yahoo ID. This will allow you to read the message archives online instead of by email if you prefer, as well as to post online, and handle other options. You can also change your subscription settings online too. But the signing-up process is a bit of a palaver...

    Click here to register and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • You are now required to provide your mobile phone number in order to verify yourself. You cannot register without providing this. For some odd reason, Yahoo seems to think that everyone has a mobile phone! Yahoo will send a verification code via SMS to that mobile phone number. You will then have to enter that code into the registration page.

  • You do not need to use the Yahoo email address they you offer you - it's just there, available for you if you want it.

  • Once registered, go to your "Account Info" (in the icon of a cog wheel).
    Click on "Choose how Yahoo contacts you".

  • Under "Manage your email addresses", click "Add another".

  • Enter the address with which you are subscribed to lists (or with which you wish to subscribe to lists).
    Click "Save".

  • You will have to "verify" your email address, which means that Yahoo will send you an email. This is to prove that you are you, and to protect any malicious user from trying to falsely use your email address. Wait for the Verification email to arrive to you - this could take a few hours... Once it arrives, follow the instructions in that email.

  • Once verified, make that address your "primary" one.

    Having done all of the above, you should now be able to access the group online.

    You must log into your Yahoo account (preferably YahooMail, even if you never use it) at least once a year in order to keep your Yahoo ID. If you don't, Yahoo will delete it.

If ever you want to change any of your account details or change your email address, you can do so via the "My Account" link at the top of most of the pages at Yahoo. If you check your Account, you will see that your email address is listed as an "Alternative Email (primary)" - this is quite normal; they assume a Yahoo address will be the main address.


MS People UK's Home Page at YahooGroups:
To access the group, you will need to register for a Yahoo ID.

Click on "My Groups" to access all your YahooGroups.

Sending/Forwarding to multiple recipients?
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