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    • Taking medicines abroad
      I try and go abroad at least once a year and, in the past, have given little consideration to just how I carry my drugs with me. We always used to take a pill box and set out the meds on a day-by-day schedule. One problem with this is that drugs should be carried in their original packaging. I've never had much of a problem but, more recently, realised I should be paying a bit more attention to the formal ...
      • 8 replies
    • The Mountain Poem
      This poem, originally written for mental health, could also apply to Multiple Sclerosis where fatigue and pain are invisible and helps explain how we may cope with it.
      If the mountain seems too big today,
      then climb a hill instead.
      If the morning brings you sadness,
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      • 1 reply
    • It's never too late...
      I was reading some MS news and I thought: “It's all too late for me.” Then I remembered how HARD I've been working on my negative tendencies and how SUCCESSFUL that has been, so far. MS challenges us every day. For me, it is never too late to work at being positive and to learn a new skill with whatever abilities I have left to use. What positive aims and goals do you have?
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      • 7 replies
    • DLA to PIP
      Well, this morning's post brought the DWP letter I have been expecting for about two years! Yep, you've got it, would I like to apply for PIP as the DLA is ending. I feel like I might be the last person on the planet to get the letter, but probably not! Having sorted out the various requirements needed to make the initial call, and having referred to the members-only guides on the Benefits&Work site ...
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      • 91 replies
    • Talking to others about your MS
      As some of you know, I have been writing and talking about my MS since I was diagnosed in 2007. One thing I was glad I did back then was tell people that I had MS. This is probably not something anyone should suggest or recommend to others just diagnosed. For myself, it turned out to be a good decision. It's a strange thing, when you tell most people they simply don't understand ...
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      • 8 replies
    • How We With MS Feel...
      When we say we can't do something because we don't feel well, put yourself in our shoes by using the examples of our symptoms below...
      Painful heavy legs: Apply tightly 20 lb ankle weights and 15 lb thigh weights, then take a 1 mile walk, clean the house, go shopping and then sit down - how ya' feeling now? ...
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    • Stumbler
      @Macymay123 , Brachioradial Pruritus could be a good call as it seems to fit with your symptoms :-     Brachioradial Pruritus: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment & Recovery MY.CLEVELANDCLINIC.ORG Learn about the nerve disorder that affects the outer forearm called brachioradial pruritus. The symptoms include itching or stinging; read more to find out about causes, diagnosis...   I can understand why you think it may be MS. It was mentioned as a possibility last year. Personally, I don't think it's useful to offer possibilities without definite evidence. It allows you to go away and catastrophize. Even if MS hadn't been mentioned, Dr Google would possibly have lead you down this path too.   MS, as a condition, is notoriously difficult to diagnose, usually involving the elimination of other conditions which can cause similar symptoms. These neurological symptoms, whatever the cause, may never seem to disappear, so we have to use medications, such as Gabapentin, to "dampen down" the impact.    The workings of the brain are still shrouded in mystery, which is why causes of some conditions are difficult to identify.   I would keep the Gabapentin handy, to use as directed, and get on with your life and just accept that as we age our bodies will deteriorate. That's just a fact of life. So, live for the day, enjoy the present and enjoy your family. If you do experience further "medical mysteries", do ask your GP for an explanation and then record the details in a Symptom Diary. This would allow you to compartmentalise the issue and put it "in a box". You could then use your Symptom Diary in the future as a Clinical History, which would be useful in any future medical consultations.   There's some ideas for a Symptom Diary here :-     Diary of symptoms | MS Trust WWW.MSTRUST.ORG.UK Keeping a diary to monitor how your multiple sclerosis is affected by factors such as activity levels, medication, stress or diet can be helpful to you and your MS Team. Find out more in...     Do let us know your thoughts, as it does help to discuss these things.    
    • Macymay123
      @Stumbler I just feel like no one wants to help me. When I went to the dr the first time for this, I seen a NP, and she said it was because I was wearing non supportive shoes lol, it was a wasted visit. So then I seen my GP for the "goosebumps " and my neurological itch I have on my arms, it's called brachialradial puritis, I've had this for 5 years. It's a very horrible neurological itch to my arms, I wouldnt wish it upon anyone! She put meon gabapentin. Then she said, well mayb the gabapentin will help your legs! I was upset because she just wanted to mask my problem, but I told her I wanted to see a neurologist.  So I did. Still no answers. The funny part is, is that the gabapentin does help the goosebumps and tingling. So I would imagine that what is wrong is neurological. I have not had an mri done of my neck, well I have in the past, but how long does it take for a lesion to form?  
    • Stumbler
      @Macymay123 , throwing your hands up in the air, exclaiming, "I don't know, I never seen this before!" is not an acceptable answer (as you well know!). If she does not know the answer, she should refer you on to someone who may know the answer.   Go back to your GP and discuss the matter with them. Your GP is your Primary Care Provider (PCP) and should be able to get the investigations reactivated.  
    • Macymay123
      @Happymama my ncs and emg where normal. My brain MRI was normal. I'm left with no answers:( still continue with the same problems with the patchy goosebumps everytime I touch my skin or even feel a breeze on my skin. Its very uncomfortable I guess is the word and annoying ☹ just wish someone could give me answers. My neurologist has no answers said she has never seen this before, ot happened even when I was seeing her. I've waited 4 months and called 3 times for a 2nd opinion. No call back. Mayb they think I'm crazy haha. I've read that some ppl with fibromyalgia have this, but I dont have pain really just joint pain especially in hands. Hopefully someday someone can help me.
    • Stumbler
      @Happymama , well, I'm glad everything is moving in the right direction for you.  
    • Happymama
      Anne, hope the Cedar Foundation help!     I second the neurologist attitude issue - mine promised me, don't worry, he'd find out what was wrong with me, and after a scan of head and neck had his acolyte, half my age, six weeks later telling me that there was nothing wrong with me and to see my GP about my symptoms.  GP shook his head when I told him, and sent him a letter but I heard nothing back.  I've tried again now and am seeing him again in a different hospital. I"m going in there with all guns blazing, not taking any nonsense from some prima donna neuro who's set to tell me there's nothing wrong with me.     The chap who rebuilt my ankle tried that nonsense with me and I had none of it from him after either, became all sweetness and light.  (might have been pregnancy hormones though - mine, I mean not HIS!!)    
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