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    • Taking medicines abroad
      I try and go abroad at least once a year and, in the past, have given little consideration to just how I carry my drugs with me. We always used to take a pill box and set out the meds on a day-by-day schedule. One problem with this is that drugs should be carried in their original packaging. I've never had much of a problem but, more recently, realised I should be paying a bit more attention to the formal ...
      • 8 replies
    • The Mountain Poem
      This poem, originally written for mental health, could also apply to Multiple Sclerosis where fatigue and pain are invisible and helps explain how we may cope with it.
      If the mountain seems too big today,
      then climb a hill instead.
      If the morning brings you sadness,
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      • 1 reply
    • It's never too late...
      I was reading some MS news and I thought: “It's all too late for me.” Then I remembered how HARD I've been working on my negative tendencies and how SUCCESSFUL that has been, so far. MS challenges us every day. For me, it is never too late to work at being positive and to learn a new skill with whatever abilities I have left to use. What positive aims and goals do you have?
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      • 7 replies
    • Pete's No Beard Or Hair Cuts 2019 (Colour in December) Challenge for MS Trust
      My husband Pete is raising money for the MS Trust. He won’t cut his hair or beard for all of 2019. Then, at the close of the year, Pete will have his hair and beard dyed. The 3 colours he has chosen to wear on his head and facial hair all have meaning: Blue and White for MS Trust, with Tangerine to make the colours used by Pete's favourite football club.
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      • 37 replies
    • DLA to PIP
      Well, this morning's post brought the DWP letter I have been expecting for about two years! Yep, you've got it, would I like to apply for PIP as the DLA is ending. I feel like I might be the last person on the planet to get the letter, but probably not! Having sorted out the various requirements needed to make the initial call, and having referred to the members-only guides on the Benefits&Work site ...
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      • 89 replies
    • Talking to others about your MS
      As some of you know, I have been writing and talking about my MS since I was diagnosed in 2007. One thing I was glad I did back then was tell people that I had MS. This is probably not something anyone should suggest or recommend to others just diagnosed. For myself, it turned out to be a good decision. It's a strange thing, when you tell most people they simply don't understand ...
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    • Nick
      That's a wise answer!       
    • Stumbler
      Yes, @Nick , you do need to fully understand the questions AND the correct way to answer said questions. Preparation is so key.   I don't get dragged into actual political discussions - too divisive! They're all as bad as one another!  
    • Nick
      Thanks for that John, What gets me is the legal aspect of all this.  The law is not clear, so how can you honestly decide just how you answer the question. It's all very well to simply tick the box, yet that fails to address the problem............I know, I know..I should not be concerned about all this, but it does annoy me! What I would say is that the physical"Interview" by theDWP (apparently not a medical) is a complete waste of time and money. What does matter is understanding how to answer all those questions correctly and understanding what those questions actually refer to.  The reason it annoys me so much is that for many people the complexity of this means that the outcomes are simply in favour of the governments reduction in health care.  Yet for all that they are apparently spending more money on these outsourced schemes than they would if they simply scrapped the whole thing. A legacy I believe of right wing politics and a chap called IDS. 
    • Stumbler
      @Nick , I'm sure BoJo appreciates your sacrifice, for the good of the country. So, your reduced award was for two years? Did they really expect you to be cured in this timeframe?

      I'm still waiting for my invitation to apply for PIP. However, you should indicate that you can't walk 20 metres. Why give them the opportunity to mark you down? They don't need more encouragement.   Well done for being prepared. Take no prisoners this time.........   
    • Shirl
      Just a note to say we had an unexpected donation from one of Pete's Oldham AFC pals, onVirgin Money Giving and Gift Aid applied. Provided that is ratified by MS Trust, the Fund has swollen by another £25. Every pence matters - thank you!    
    • Nick
      You may recall that my PIP application process back in 1018 was successful, although I had to concede my original 'higher rate' mobility for the lower rate.(I could have appealed but decided not to)  So here we are approaching 2020 and once again I must start thinking about PIP. The claim runs out this coming august and there is already a need to start planning for it!! What a pain!   Generally speaking I see my neurologist once a year and I saw him a couple of weeks ago. This was an opportunity for me to discuss PIP.  I don't really feel that any neurologist should be spending their valuable time on bureaucracy , however  he was only too glad to discuss this forthcoming claim and told me that I should be able to claim the higher rate of mobility.  He has provided me with a covering letter, describing my diagnosis and limited mobility.   It's apparent the DWP rarely, if ever contact specialists directly from the details on the completed application, rather depending on what documentation the applicant includes.  Even then I wonder if any of that gets read!  The dilemma now facing me is exactly how I fill in that form. I shall be doing these with the support of the Benefits&Work website, to which I subscribe, thereby having access to the full range of advice.  When it comes to the mobility section I have a choice of 'how far can you walk'  That is where it gets complicated ! Certainly I can walk more than 20 Mts, but can I do that repeatedly? can I do that on a bad day? can I do that when my MS hits me, or is affected by a UTI, or those other outside influences? Then the answer is no, so do I tick the box that says "It varies"  These are the finer points of how hard it is to get across anything meaningful on a form whose decisions are made, not by a person, but by an algorithm in a computer.  As time ticks along I will keep you all informed on how things progress.   Nick 
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      16 Jul 2004, 10:20 pm
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