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Financial Help, Benefits, Allowances and Grants



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  1. A list of goods and services showing which rates of VAT apply and which items are exempt or outside the scope of VAT.
  2. Practical, detailed and accurate information about disability and incapacity benefits written solely with the interests of claimants and their advisers in mind.

    Note - annual subscription required for access to certain parts of the site. Well worth it though!
  3. Citizen's Advice Bureau's inforamtion pages on benefits
  4. We at Disability Rights UK are here to respond to people in need of our help and advice. We are led by disabled people, for disabled people and every year we provide help and support to over 500,000 people.

    A lot of information and also a list of factsheets that provide basic information about benefits, tax credits, social care and other disability related issues for claimants and advisers. They are free to download.
  5. The test that claimants need to pass in order to qualify for ESA.  In PDF for download.
    "This leaflet explain s what is involved in making a claim for Employment and Support Allowance , how claims are assessed, and show s you how you can give yourself the best chance of your claim succeeding. There are tips on how to avoid problems with your claim and advice on what you can do if you do have any problems. Some of the terms used by the Jobcentre Plus (DWP) are also explained."
  6. Information on all government benefits. Includes tax credits and eligibility.
  7. Information from the government on a wide range of disability-related financial support, including benefits, tax credits, payments, grants and concessions.
  8. If you need more than 13 prescribed medicines each year, you could save money with a 12-month PPC. You can also buy a three-month PPC, which will save you money if you need more than three prescribed medicines in three months.

    If your GP is willing, you might also be able to get an exemption card for free prescriptions, based on the days you feel at your worst with MS making you unable to get to a chemist. See:
  9. Turn2us helps people in financial need gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and other financial help – online, by phone and face to face through our partner organisations.

    Provides free calculators to help you work out your entitlement to benefits and tax credits:
  10. There are certain benefits, ages, disabilities and people in sheltered housing that qualify for concessions with TV Licences.
  11. Campaigning against the government's distressing war on disabled benefit claimants.

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Founded in 2004, MS People UK is a community website and discussion forum by and for people with Multiple Sclerosis as well as for friends, families, supporters and those interested in this disabling condition.

If you’re newly diagnosed or want to ask about possible first symptoms, or if you’ve had Relapse Remit, Secondary or Primary Progressive MS for some time, a welcoming group of fellow MS sufferers is here to chat with you about MS symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

The atmosphere is friendly whilst being compassionate, supportive and caring. Members also post about a variety of subjects not related to MS, as well as share jokes, talk about their hobbies, have fun, and more.

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