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Seeking information from MS Trust?

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The MS Trust makes excellent information films. They've recently released one about the way enquiries for information are handled to ensure all contacts are shown the paths and choices before them.

See here:




Tip: subscribe to the MS Trust YouTube channel while watching this one!


I recently visited the MS Trust offices and met the people in this film. They could not be more approachable, caring, kind nor could they have their hands on more information. Phone them when you need to

MS Trust
Providing information you can trust, supporting the MS specialists you need

Talk to us about MS  - 0800 032 38 39



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Shirley  "one day at a time" - it's all anyone can do"


This year, my husband is raising funds for MS Trust with a 
Pete's No Beard Or Hair Cuts 2019 (Colour in December) Challenge for MS Trust

Thank you all

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    • Some useful information

      I was at an appointment yesterday at the local hospital neurology department and saw some first class booklets on MS and fatigue and on cognitive function. The format of the little books is really excellent. They are by Dr Anita Rose and seem really good. The website is   http://www.msql.org.uk/index.html   have a look and tell me what you think   Nick

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      Hello :)   Can anyone give me any advice?   I started having neurological symptoms when I was 18 this is 17 years ago. It started with vertigo, blurred vision and painful tingling in my legs and arms - later face too. I also had numbness in different areas on my left side. Cheek, arm, back, leg. I also have hyperacusis which began back then. It would all flare up for a couple of weeks or so. I'd feel so so tired, and wobbly. Or it would be one thing or another. I had an Mri scan at 18 which was normal. I saw a neurologist back then too who's only comment was that my reflexes were 'brisk'. They didn't find anything to be very concerning and sent me home. I've continued to have these symptoms and flare ups ever since. But they did go away almost completely for the best part of 10 years. They have been an annoyance but otherwise I've been able to ignore them.   Now for the last few months they have returned with an annoying vengeance. There is nothing that awful about them, I can still walk, I slur my words a bit and I forget words a lot. Even names of people I know really well - which is weird. If it's really bad I have to take time of work, but I still function ok, it just is horrible. Anyway,I had a flare up of it all, but this time I had such a strange feeling in my head that I can't even explain it, it was horrendous tingling but also, an intense sort of of pressure and a cold/pricklyness. This has led to me to the docs as I couldn't sleep.   I've since seen an ENT specialist, because the ear and vestibular symptoms point to Ménière's disease. However, I've got no permanent hearing loss. And the other body symptoms are still not explained.   A had a recent MRI to check for acoustic neuroma, and I asked for a copy of the report. No acoustic neuroma, and nothing noted to account for my symptoms. But it says 'prominent perivascular spaces noted in basal ganglia and white matter' I've done some research on this and I'm hoping some of you might hence know why I am concerned about this. ...The ENT specialist thinks I probably have a 'Ménière's type of thing', but he would have expected hearing loss by now, so agrees with me that MS could be a concern. He thought that my mri scan doesn't completely rule out MS but neither does it confirm anything.   I've had this for so long now, that surely the mri would have shown a lesion if it was MS? But I'm also unconvinced that it is menieres. And, after googling about what my Mri report said - feeling all the more bewildered and In the dark. None of my symptoms are disabling, but they certainly aren't pleasant, and they scare me to death. I don't want to waste NHS resources, but I think I would like to see a neurologist again.   Do you think I should raise my concerns about MS with the doctor and get a referral ?   Thank you

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      Hi all, my son started with strange symptoms between Xmas and New Year and has convinced himself he has MS. He has been having problems with his eye for about a year, feels like its pulling and a bit blurry, he has been to see an opthalmic consulant who says he has inflammation in it and has given him eye drops which dont seem to be doing anything. Over Xmas his lip became numb on one side and his face is tingly, also his right arm is tingly and his right leg above the knee. We went to the docs and he tried to reassure him that it wasnt neurological as he has no weakness on his right side and tests doc did - reflexes, sticking pins in him etc making him touch his nose with his eyes shut etc were all fine. All blood tests were fine too. He feels like he needs to wee all the time, urine test came back normal though. Doc has referred him to a neurologist though and I wondered what the neurologist will do at the first consulation? Also do these symptoms sound like they could be MS? he is extremely anxious and I feel is trying to match the symptoms to MS!

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    • Ms Information day

      I will be going to this tomorrow from 10-3pm. Hopefully have a more understanding of MS.

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