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Support, help, advice & information for Multiple Sclerosis. Ask questions & share experiences with people affected by MS.

General and other Information about MS

Links to sites that cover MS as a whole or that don't fit into any of the other categories.
This may include links to sites with products and services which have been either used or suggested by members or others with MS. The "MS People UK" site does not endorse these sites but merely includes them for your information.
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Types of MS

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All About Multiple Sclerosis

by Marina
All About Multiple Sclerosis aims to provide accurate and comprehensive medical information about multiple sclerosis (MS) written in plain English...

Fact Sheets - MS Trust

by Marina
Download or order paper copies of various factsheets about: MS and diagnosis Symptoms Drugs and other treatments Living with MS Posture and Ex...

Map of local services and MS specialist centres

by Marina
This map contains information on MS services and other useful groups across the UK - from MS nurses, therapists and specialist hospitals to support...

N.I.C.E Guidelines

by Marina
The NICE clinical guideline on multiple sclerosis covers the full range of care that should be available from the NHS to adults of all ages with MS...

Able Radio

by Marina
Able Radio is a live, online, radio station presenting shows at the heart of the disabled community. As a unique online radio station, our concern...


by Marina
ABLEize is a top ranking directory offering the largest Internet collection of disability, mobility and health resources in the UK and Europe. Able...

Age Concern - Fact Sheets on all sorts

by Marina
"Our Factsheets are the most comprehensive guide to the issues that affect older people in the UK." Covers the following topics: * Help wit...

BBC Ouch

by Marina
Ouch! is a blog and internet talk show which goes beyond the headlines to reflect disability life. (The old version of the Ouch! blog is st...

Clinical Trials

by Marina
ClinicalTrials.gov provides regularly updated information about federally and privately supported clinical research in human volunteers. ClinicalTr...

Digesting Science

by Marina
The aim of this website is to tell you about multiple sclerosis (MS) in a simple, fun way. The website and activities have been designed specifical...

EDSS (Expanded Disability Status Scale)

by Marina
The Kurtzke Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is a method of quantifying disability in multiple sclerosis. The EDSS replaced the previous Dis...

EDSS Online Assessment

by Marina
Calculate, track and understand your MS disease status. From the Barts-MS /MS Research Blog. Read more: http://multiple-sclerosis-research.blogspot...

MS Specialist Nurse Association (UKMSSNA)

by Marina
Professional membership organisation for Clinical Nurse Specialists in multiple sclerosis and for other health and social care professionals with a...

MS Support Centre

by Marina
The MS Support Centre provides support to people with a neurological condition and their carers at four levels: A place of care, friendship, advice...

MS Views and News

by Marina
A website and organization created to help add education information for the global MS community via the internet and via live seminars. You've...

MSQL: MS Quality Living

by Marina
Patient resource for cognitive change in MS. This website contains information about cognitive change and practical strategies to help patients.

Multiple Sclerosis Prognosis

by Marina
Predicting multiple sclerosis is like forecasting the British weather. If you've spent much time on these islands you'll understand how fic...

Multiple Sclerosis Research - Blog

by Marina
A blog by Professor Gavin Giovannoni. The aim of this Blog is for the Barts and The London Neuroimmunology Group to update you on the latest resear...


by Marina
Neurosupport offers non-medical advice to people with neurological conditions and the families, friends and carers who support them.

NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries

by Marina
The NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries (formerly PRODIGY) are a reliable source of evidence-based information and practical 'know how' about...


by Marina
We often have younger members who would really like to talk to other young people with MS and who quite often ask about how to meet others in the s...

The NHS Constitution

by Marina
The NHS Constitution has been created to protect the NHS and make sure it will always do the things it was set up to do in 1948 – to provide...

The Patients Association

by Marina
The Patients Association is a healthcare charity which for nearly 50 years has advocated for better access to accurate and independent information...

The Really Clear Guide to MS

by Marina
This Really Clear Guide to MS is all about sharing useful information that you can easily understand with No Big Words or Medical Jargon.

UK Clinical Trials Gateway

by Marina
The UK Clinical Trials Gateway provides easy to understand information about clinical research trials running in the UK, and gives you and others a...

Understanding Multiple Sclerosis

by Marina
Whether you just learned you have multiple sclerosis, or you’ve been dealing with it for some time, you’re bound to have a lot of quest...

Video - What is Multiple Sclerosis?

by Marina
A video explaining MS.

Videos - eMedTV

by Marina
Here you will find Multiple Sclerosis videos covering a wide range of topics. Information about What Is Multiple Sclerosis?, The Nervous System, or...

Videos - MSAA

by Marina
An extensive library of on-demand video programming, webcasts, professionally monitored chat rooms, and additional interactive communication featur...

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